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Hot Pics of Robert


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Well... as I mentioned I just joined the forum a few days ago and have had such a good time reading through the thread and admiring/enjoying the pictures of Robert. What great beauty and talent!! Here are some of my favorites that I've collected and I hope you enjoy them. (Sorry if they've already been shown at some IMG_2123.JPG.744a40262f5d5ab130753487be9cfa9b.JPGIMG_2134.JPG.a8df222268051d1877c69428e78eb048.JPGIMG_2166.JPG.efffa0f9026e9672c45ce3d5c0e0fce7.JPGIMG_2102.JPG.b956637e5ca7e35e3937b916e4133b8b.JPGIMG_2087.JPG.22d976f026fcbf53688e6290687bf2df.JPGIMG_2091.JPG.4b33575a8909e20f065244c8f47befae.JPG


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Nice pics!!  We've got decades represented here,  It's another testimony to his timelessness and his incredible talent and charisma (as well as HOTNESS)!...although I could pass on the 80s mullet but hey, let's face it, he's still Robert Plant, mullet or no mullet!

Just watched the beginning of Celebration Day concert for the first time and was blown away.  They sounded amazing.   I haven't delved into their reunions much  because I am kinda obsessed with their hey-days.  I find myself watching the RAH full concert over and over as well as anything from their earlier years... to me, the young Robert is Irresistibly gorgeous in every conceivable way!! And I cannot seem to get enough of him. How could one man be so physically attractive and sexy as well as gifted??  What a voice!!!  What a face ... What a body. And don't get me started on the golden hair and the tight jeans....






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I want to extend an invitation to everyone to share their favorite, sexiest picture(s) ! It would be so awesome to get that going ! For me, it's difficult to choose because first of all, he's gorgeous and then second of all, he's extremely photogenic ! There are dozens of pictures that vie for top spot but after much consideration (drum roll........) this, to me, is the sexiest picture ever taken of him:IMG_2198.JPG.b5236fac5843f6608ba2ad8be902502a.JPG


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4 hours ago, anniemouse said:

Were those images taken for magazine articles?.

I don't believe so. I mean, they are not scanned from magazine articles if that's what you mean.


Could be, I suppose. But that's not where I found them.

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22 hours ago, anniemouse said:

Thank you as always for finding and posting these images. Much appreciated.

Keep 'em coming!! I love seeing photos of Robert that I've never seen before-  it's a real treat! 

Ive been trying to upload a few of my own but the site seems messed up. Maybe next time ? 





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Nice pics! Thanks for sharing  bcarter- I'd never seen those before.

I wanted to share a blog I found on Tumblr.  It is full of pics, comments ( some of them are hilarious others salacious ) the cool thing about it is that it has fan fiction which for those who may not be familiar are fictional stories about Robert, Jimmy etc.  It's called "I watched the fire" and it's written by firethatgrewsolow. Talk about entertaining! And some steamy scenes involving Robert. I was hooked from the start.

hope you get the chance to check it out !


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I'm looking for a specific photo that I lost from my album and am wondering if anyone can help!! It was among my top favorites 

it was young Robert sitting in front seat of a car, turned half way around and facing  towards the back seat... he looks absolutely stunning in that picture. Does anyone know the one I'm talking about? I would love to get it again 

I leave you with these images..he's gorgeous from every angle !! IMG_2121.JPG.9e940047a83e8ada9d03af5ea20cba80.JPGIMG_2130.JPG.66e97afb7760ee3c35ce0ff833cff324.JPGrIMG_2117.JPG.de556f19884f7e2f94620a4a3b064323.JPG

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