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Pictures thread...

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I know the concert isnt for a while...

but im planning...

Im going to take as many pictures as my camera will allow of the gig, and i would be much obliged if anyone on the board that is going to take pictures will A. post them up on here, as a collection would be awesome... and B. if i could use them on my blog site: www.ledzeppelinrock.com after the gig...

obviously feel free to put whatever copyright you feel necessary (i wont cut any off, obviously big watermarks accross the pictures i wont use) but i would love to have a major collection of nice photos up on ledzeppelinrock.

anyone that would be interested in having some photos published, please let me know after the gig, and (subject to choice) they may be put up on ledzeppelinrock.com

How will this benefit you? well it wont... other than a bit more promotion for your photographs... so yeah, a web domain or something if yuou have one on the bottom of the picture might help you :)

Im also thinking about getting a led zeppelin picture archive specifically for the reunion that will expand, so the more pics the merrier :) kinda a Led Zeppelin 10/12/07 Photographs Database...

So if you are not adverse to doing so, pictures would be appreciated (all credit will be given :) )


Ste Gough - www.ledzeppelinrock.com

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thanks for the responses... im currently working on putting a website together where there will be some sort of hub that those who went can upload pictures, and those that didnt can see the pictures...

and those who went can also see pics from different angles :)

im taking 3 cameras (including my nokia n95) i got a medium sized camera which they might think is professional, but really is just a largish point and shot (far from professional as you cant change the lenses or alot of stuff which cameras like canon 40d's can) and im taking my moms little fuji with me... i just need to get a 2gb compact flash card now and i willhave fun filling it :)

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