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Another One Bites the Dust


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After being off the net for a while (month and a bit) due to service problems :computertrash: I have now come back online only to find my favourite tab site shut down.

Powertabs.net is now officially out of commission. So all thats left is crappy Ultimate Guitar, this is ridiculous. Powertabs even though using the powertab program i found had very accurate tabs... compared with others, and now where am i gonna go? :'(

Im no legal genius but i really can't see how the public submitting their own interpretations of songs is an infringement, and secondly why is it that big a deal anyway?

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Thas is complety beyond me. I could see if they have tab books for the all the songs, but they don't. This is why the RIAA is going to filling for chap. 11 soon. They are taking the absolute wrong steps towards the internet, they still think they can win. Legally it's wrong to put tabs up, but it's not a fight worth fighting for if your the RIAA.

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The RIAA has nothing to do with tab sites. Since your so gung ho about the record industry and how evil the RIAA is why don't you learn a little bit about it so you can at least rage against the correct machine and not sound like such a jackass when you try and wax philosophical about it. It's beyond ridiculous how everybody points to the RIAA whenever somebody gets caught infringing on copyright laws. Why would they be filing for chapter 11? They aren't a business they're a trade group! They're lobbyists for Christ sakes!

TAB sites are illegal because section 106 of the U.S. copyright code clearly states that copyright owners have the exclusive right to reproduce the copyrighted work in copies or phonorecords. This means copies of sheet music/TAB!

Learn about the exclusive rights of copyright owners here!

Now, who shut the TAB sites down then? The publishers! Publishers are the ones who make money for their writers by selling sheet music folios. There is great money to be made out there for songwriters by selling printed sheet music. Another consideration is quality control. Most artists/writers are very selective about the companies they allow to license their works for print folios and pay close attention to the level of detail. Some big level acts even transcribe their own songs so that the books accurately reflect how the songs should be played. I wouldn't feel too great about a site full of my music which was a) loosing me money and B) showing people how to play my songs all wrong (I'm looking at you Ultimate Guitar...)

If you still don't understand why it's illegal and want to fire off an angry email your best place to start would be The National Music Publishers Association tell them you don't think you should have to pay for high quality music transcriptions.

Don't worry, there are still the small guys so be sure to hit up the AIMP. The Association of Independent Music Publishers are also trying to rob you of your hard earned free transcriptions.

Better still would be to use the same transcription service that the best guitaists in the world have been using forever; your ears!


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guitar pro is a way better program that powertabs

Yeah i realise guitar pro is better i have that too but i hadn't been able to find a site with the same amount of accurate tabs as powertabs so i was just using that... ill have a go with that site thanks....

And yes i know i should be using my ears to decode it but its just so much easier and faster to get it off the net. But i think im going to have to manual tab some Jesse Cook songs (Mario takes a Walk, On Walks the Night, Virtue) because i can't find a tab anywhere close on any of his songs.

And agreed UG does suck ^_^

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