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I've relaxed my "don't post links to videos because they get deleted" ethic because, since the O2, it seems the powers that censor have finally taken a chill pill thanks to the critical mass of Zepheads. There is no stopping us.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=pgjYXj-RtRY. Marvel at these highlights

Jason Bonham still playing like he's in Skid Row or White Lion or something

Body language heretofore unseen by this Page watcher.

Page yelling at the audience for throwing firecrackers

Guy limping around in cast on stage

The awful voice of John Miles

Rippin guitar solah

oops.. that's OTHAFA. I can't edit the title, can I?

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That clip is really cool, Page is playing amazing, I liked John Miles, he did a great job on the Outrider tour, he can hit all the notes without coming across as totally ripping off. It's cool watching Page behind the scenes.

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Everything that man ever did was cool. He looks cool just holding a guitar let alone playing it. Even walking around he looks cool. His hair is cool. Oh man.....

I liked the firecrackers bit "Don't be a pratt".

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