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Faux hawks


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I don't like the big-ass ones like that guy has (especially not all greased up), but actually, I think the subtler, shorter ones are rather cute. For example:



Of course, it helps if you're Jude Law or Colin Farrell and not some random goofball... Here's a shorter one gone horribly wrong, for instance:


Yeah... this look definitely isn't for everyone. I find it helps if you're English. When I went to England a few years ago, there were a lot of hot guys there with faux hawks who were actually able to pull it off. Not so much here, for some reason. I think it has to do with what angle you're coming at it from. Are you trying to look svelte like Jude Law, or are you trying to imitate some doofus punk rocker and failing miserably? Yep, therein lies the problem, I think.

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I hadn't a clue what the title of this thread meant until I looked at the photos! Faux Hawks - I thought maybe it was an American Football team or something ... :hysterical:

We call this haircut a mohican in the UK.

As to my opinion on them - I think they make the wearer look like a complete pillock. :lol:

Edit: typo

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