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  1. Personally, I can't even compare. I like MOP and AJFA, they represent the best, most intense moments of Metallica for me... once in a great while I get in a mood to here cuts from those records again. The first four of LZ I love, and I listen to regularly as I have for 30 years now.
  2. Went last night Niner...uh, don't pay full price, see a matinee showing maybe.
  3. I'm very sorry to hear that...good luck with the hearing, and hopefully next Halloween will be very different.
  4. My gig last night was outstanding, great crowd, great party, made good $$$.
  5. You are correct!! Listen to Elizabeth for the proper song titles! Awesome track.
  6. The title song is Pink Floyd at their best... a mainstay of my listening rotation on the Ipod.
  7. "Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he dressed up like a girl bunny? -G Algar

  8. Oh sure...you're friends with that "other" guy.... :)

  9. *sniffs profile* Yep, same musky scent!

  10. How myspace is this....

  11. Always good to hear from you, hope all is well wit ya!

  12. Deer leveigh, tahnks four beinging mi frind.


  13. Teachers and Macs, in some industries a Mac is a forgone conclusion.
  14. 1. Gotta do it before you add turning the drum because you didn't change out the pads soon enough! 2. I feel your pain, just put new shoes on our Yukon. 3. The boot goes over the CV Joint and hold grease in place for the joint, you can eek by for a bit longer if you have Dave shoot some axle grease into the torn boot every few weeks. 4. Please you live in Idaho. 5. Damn fix those, you live in Idaho! Still holding my XXX for one of those offers in your chosen profession....so you can fix your car and get to work! Ah life in the US of A.
  15. Scared of a jellyfish? Hell no! I've been to Big Surf And almost caught some crabs. Anyway Axestroker, our weather has been much the same...we did get a downpour that lasted about 5 minutes last week but other than that, no-thing. August is when the real fun starts though.....
  16. Boo hoo! You hit 111 today amd supposedly are at 100 now. We hit 114 today and its 104 right now. I'll see your 100 and raise you a
  17. fatherhood looks good on him too!
  18. Yep, I'm sure Al Pacino has more gears than what he shows, but Deniro gets the nod for actually using his.
  19. Ev, sorry you had to hear from Joel this day or any other....especially brought on by Spats, who should quit blaming his friend for not wanting to go talk to those girls, when HE should have left the friend and gone to talk to them on his own if it was that important to him. Joel knows fuck all about beauty my friend, he's only ever been concerned that a girl should be young enough to get him thrown in jail, true beauty comes from the soul, and Joels sickness will blind him to that fact until his last day. Spats, that last sentence can be applied to you as well...with some editing of course, but the sentiment is there...you'll never be happy as long as you keep looking for a partner while wearing those superficial specs.
  20. But that would put you in a currently infantile state. The Monkees were fans and asked Hendrix to be on their tour, it of course didn't work out but probably helped immensely from a marketing standpoint. Now people wanted to see what was too bawdy for Monkees fans.
  21. A well established Hendrix played Woodstock in 1969, you're probably thinking of Jimi's Monterey Pop festival appearance a few years prior. The Monkees/Hendrix pairing was a mistake no doubt.
  22. You'll learn quickly that word is an ethnic slur twoards Italians, you better hope they're too old to make a fist Ricky....
  23. The full topic is Kingdom Come: If you like Zepp you'll like these guys. Then the thread starter posted 3 youtube vids of Kingdom Come the Zepp clone of the 80's. I replied TO THAT! What in the Mcfuck do you not comprehend about this? Jeez. Come in on sunday, we'll show you how a forum works!
  24. This thread is not about Arthur Browns project by the same name.
  25. When somebody clones a band that closely, I don't find it pleasurable to listen to.
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