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  1. I try to agree with this angle, and I really do see it, but the so much of the Who comes from the mind of Pete Townshend/voiced by Roger Daltrey that I say they have the right to call themselves whatever the hell they want.
  2. They've always looked like Gibson was going for a futuristic look with the Flying V, but ridiculous? Nah!
  3. I was in high school at the time, just as you would start to get yourself under control, you'd switch classes and a fresh set of emotional wounds would be out on numerous sleeves. One of the saddest weeks ever! RIP John.
  4. Like Led Zeppelin isn't he same? Gloria Estefan? Give me a break. It's Miami, the theme should aggravated assault, and drug running...or at least get that Ace Ventura fellow out there.... I said LACES OUT!!!!
  5. Personally, I can't even compare. I like MOP and AJFA, they represent the best, most intense moments of Metallica for me... once in a great while I get in a mood to here cuts from those records again. The first four of LZ I love, and I listen to regularly as I have for 30 years now.
  6. Because what passes for rock bands these days is about as sexy as a tennis ball can full of warm pasta?
  7. Yes, thanks? Incorrect. ANY downloadable browser add-on puts entries into your registry that will stay in there even after uninstalling the toolbar. Point taken on Linux and OS X.
  8. Thanks for posting the reminder of this unfortunate piece of The Who's history, can't blame Pete for reconsidering things at that point at all. They installed "corralls" on the main concert venue in Phoenix at the time...took a lot longer to get in, but they made sure that the line was single file, and that there were rails to grab onto in case someone should step on your feet from behind.
  9. I think the difference might be that the rest of the musicians epmloyed more of a "wham bam....you know the rest* with the less than driving age crowd ? Jimmy forged a relationship...kind of prolongs the spotlight on the impropriety. *shrugs*
  10. And as such are the first to get hit with security problems....they may not exist at this time, but you've downloaded a probable target. The more users that could be affected, the more likely hackers will be finding a way in, so laying out the "largest web info on the internet" card is even more reason to fold. Also, if you think Alexa isn't laying perfectly reliable eggs in your registry, you must be new to the online world.
  11. You'll not necessarily be a tool, but you'll be looking for rootkit removal tool without a doubt, and what does it matter for what this sites Alexa rank is...will it lower the cost of beer or something useful??
  12. Looks like one of them took a dump on your pillow, but yes, you can see the passion for the subject....
  13. So that's your opinion of the members of led Zeppelin? (All known to smoke) I don't like cigarette smoke, but there are some things about life that are beyond your control, and all you can do is limit your exposure to them. That and get over yourself....
  14. Agreed, Sabbath definitely stretched their musical wings on SBS ( a personal favorite), and while Iommi may not be as diverse as Page, he's managed to bring himself and Black Sabbath in some form to fans right up until 2006...so I guess I'll award him points for longevity. Something I wish Jimmy would take a Page from.
  15. I get the same thing from it, but then after Clapton in the list of names I can't exactly quantify those who round out the list as legends....difficult to say what he means!
  16. I find The Who, particularly live to be just as exciting and sometimes moreso than Led Zeppelin depending on my mood. Calling one band the greatest is too narrow of focus IMO.
  17. I am who I am because a lifeless fuckwit bent on fishbowl domination killed who I was.... Savvy?
  18. I kind of liked that bands did stuff like that back then. Mystery is absent from what passes for rock these days.
  19. Definite difference of philosophy, but that's cool! I'm betting the AIC/Gretchen wilson/Nancy wilson combo probably did not spend alot of time rehearsing together...why would they? If they go out and have a great time, the live mix is thumping, but they're a little loose (after all they aren't a functioning "band")nobody in the live audience even takes notice. Our own hereos in Led Zeppelin struggled mightily to execute as a unit some nights...but music is a living breathing thing, and that's how I'll take it anytime. I'm a Rush fan as well...I quit seeing them live after the Signals tour because 1. they got too into keyboards and sequencing for my taste, and 2. They are as close to perfect as any rock band has ever been live...which bores me. Show me something that isn't on your album, and I take home a memory that lasts forever, This vid demonstrated to me that A Heart song could sound a little heavier, and that someone other than the incredible Ann wilson can sing the shit out of that song.... I loved it for those reasons.
  20. Nor will ever be, not in my life anyway. Other than that, "ageless" is not a phrase I could ever attach to Ronny Wood, but it's cool that he was excited about his first award, and that was kind of a cool remark about Rocks by Joe Perry.
  21. That should be your signature! I do mean that good-naturedly....it certainly explains quite a bit.
  22. Went last night Niner...uh, don't pay full price, see a matinee showing maybe.
  23. I'm very sorry to hear that...good luck with the hearing, and hopefully next Halloween will be very different.
  24. Big Dan, Lakey is being so much nicer to you than you deserve. Yeah, she smacked you around a little, but I sense that you knew she is one of those who has pulled herself back from the abyss, yet you made assaholic quips about using in your response to her. Very un-cool. You are a lucky man that she's a very strong person, and obviously intelligent enough to let your comments end up in the dumper where they belong.
  25. Agreed Everything is subjective to your own unique ear obviously. I am a musician, retired from the touring life, that plays in two cover bands. I play in a very competitive market, and make a LOT of money doing it...My bands fight for contracts with bands with female vocalists that can go toe to toe with circa 1982 Pat Benetar. One even does it whilst playing drums! Anyway... my point is, my bands and the ones I mention above all do the best they can while emulating 40+ artists a night. Some artists you will be outfitted to be more successful at than others, but even the original artists sounds different live as we all know. The vid above gets as close to a perfect LIVE version of Barracuda, as Heart would do themselves.
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