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Calling all "Fashion Plates"

Bitchin Soul

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I guess I'm just surprised you and ledbaby considered my comment as being rude. I was a bit surprised you didn't take it in stride and in good humor... or just ignore it like 99% of what you don't like. Y'all yacked, I commented, y'all squawked, I replied.

I found your comment flattering to tell you the truth. When i read it i smiled and laughed a little. It's just after what you said others decided it was their duty to reprimand ledbaby and me, bringing on the negativity. If ledbaby was offended by what you said, that was him, not me. I responded to him, but i wasn't serious about you hating birds, lol. I know everyone loves birds. The birds and the bees are the essence of life...

but then some felt compelled to make an issue out of a mispelled word...those who judge others maturity level should be ready to look in the mirror... :)

you did have good advice Lake of Shadows :)...

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Resembles a horizontal snied fuck on a good day. On a bad day it looks like a cat fight :)

I stand by this statement made on the 24th. If anything bothers me I say something. The laughing frigging cat should be a clue.

How would George Brush have said it? "There goes that whooshing sound again." As far as Lake goes, I know she seems sarcastic quite a lot. But then I guess I do too. I don't take her too serious, most of the time.

As far as any of you? I haven't met any in person, so god help us all when we see if anyone acts like this in person. IMO, people are usually usually way different than their online personna.

"Baby talk?"

Compared to what, pissing and moaning or fighting over every sneeze someone makes. IMO cartoons should be alright when there is a child involved and I don't think I have inacted any of them "scrogging" or "snogging," online.

I have talked with people on phones from this forum as I have many others.....IMO a way way better way to communicate, in person is even nicer.

I find laughter, warmth and people here who appear real...

Thusly I find people having hard days and threading through ways to communicate in a medium which is a whole lot misunderstood.

Humor. Used it all my life, they say I'm a hoot in real life too.


Do not need a reason.

Anyhow, back to fashion, furs? As long as your not wearing some gross furs I don't care about the rest. Jeans I just dont find diverse enough to use anywhere with anything and I love seeing girls in dresses. The flow, the look, how they accentuate a woman figure and appear light and fun. But that may just be me. In reality people wear what they like.


Back to babies....we were all one at one time and if we recall interacting with a very young child, you will be surprised how you talk at times.

Ad nauseum? I do get carried away at times.

What's everyone wearing, there tear after it :)

<edited ad nauseum>

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