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The Voice Of The Past Century

Appolo Jupiter

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There were many unique voices in the 20th century. People like Sinatra, Pavaroty, Barry White, Elvis, Montserrat Caballe, Liza Minnelly, Barbra Streisand... Who among the all in your opinion was the best. I don’t mean only Rock music but everywhere, In Jazz, Opera, Soul, Disco.... In my opinion the greatest voice of all times was Freddie, though I love Robbie and Ian gillan as much as him, but to face the truth the #1 voice was Freddie Mercury and I’m sure that many of you will agree… Whose the greatest Voice of the past century… And Why…

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Rock male - Steve Winwood

Rock female - Grace Slick

Rock group - Eagles

Folk group - Mamas and Papas

Soul male - Marvin Gaye

Soul Group - The Spinners

Disco group - Earth, Wind, and Fire

Western male - Eddie Arnold

Western female - Patsy Cline (sp?)

Blues - Jimmie Rogers

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My local classic rock radio station's list (in order):

Freddie Mercury

Robert Plant

Roger Daltrey


John Lennon

Paul McCartney

Jim Morrison

Roger Waters

David Gilmour

Elton John

Burton Cummings

Mick Jagger

Geddy Lee

Ian Gillan

David Bowie

Janis Joplin

Steven Tyler

Bon Scott

Eric Clapton

Jon Bon Jovi

Bruce Springsteen

Steve Perry

Bob Seger

Stevie Nicks

Paul Rodgers

Ozzy Osbourne

Jon Anderson

Rob Halford

John Fogerty

Rod Stewart

Peter Gabriel

Van Morrison

Ronnie James Dio

Brad Delp

Meat Loaf

Bruce Dickinson

Ann Wilson

Axl Rose

Alice Cooper

Phil Collins

It's okay, but not great.

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