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The Return of the Crimson King !


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From king crimson's website, DGMlive.com

The Return of King Crimson

Posted by Sid Smith on Mon., Nov 19, 2007

Ending weeks of speculation in various online communities, Robert Fripp has revealed in his latest online diary that drummer Gavin Harrison (of Porcupine Tree) will be joining King Crimson.

The band will be playing a series of live dates in Chicago’s Park West – most recently the venue to RF and the LoCG appearance in the windy city. Fripp notes “Park West is a fave venue, and one I have been working for 27 years. The LCG were here in 1989 & 1990…This is also the venue where, according to our current plans for King Crimson’s return to active-service in 2008, preparatory to the 40th. Anniversary Celebration of 2009, The Beast Of Crim will be playing a 4-night residency in August 2008 with KC’s third double-drumming formation.

The first formation: Jamie Muir & Bill Bruford (1972-73);

the second formation: Pat Mastelotto & Bill Bruford (1994-97);

the third formation: Pat Mastelotto & Gavin Harrison.

A fourth double-drumming formation, of 1981-84 (Adrian & Billy B), doesn’t quite count as Adrian’s primary focus was in the front line.”

Harrison is one of the most respected drummers of his generation, adding a prodigious technique to the work of Porcupine Tree as well collaborating with Jakko Jakszyk on The Bruised Romantic Glee Club, and most recently, Drop – an album with bassist and singer, 05Ric and also featuring contributions from Fripp. Some may recall Drop was featured as a DGMLive giveaway (see my review on the blog), perhaps hinting at Harrison's proposed involvement. Only DGMLive regular, Chocolatefireguard, spotted the listing on King Crimson's myspace site: the top four musicians have been there for a couple of months now.

More details will be announced regarding rehearsal schedules and ticket availability as soon as we get them.

*ooops, I forgot the link..here,


I can't believe I just caught wind of this...

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Somehow the words "King Crimson" and "MySpace" don't belong in the same sentence.

This is the first I've heard of it, too, but then again I haven't been paying attention at all. I didn't even know about them having a thing on myspace.

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Since King Crimson has been spoken of to some degree lately and that they're doing some gigs this August, BUMP. This was obviously overlooked a few months ago but might spark new interest now.


Joined: 9-April 08 :huh:

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