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How I know I'm Zeppelin-obsessed ...

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I think I qualify, reasons being,

Got myself a Jimmy Page tattoo

Bought the Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page Genesis Publication Collectors Edition

Bought a Jimmy Page Custom Authentic Les Paul without telling the wife, in the dog house for the next few nights…LMAO!

Bought a Limited Edition LZIV Print signed by the Art Director(Jimmy Page)

Drive 10 hours interstate just to see a Zeppelin cover band ZepBoys, well worth it!

When realised failed in the ballot back in 2007, actually sat in my back yard and shed a tear knowing full well that was my last chance and I'm a 42 year old grown man, still gives me bouts of depression.

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Over the past 3 years I've been collecting many live shows. In order to have some reference of what I have I've been rating each song from each show and providing some notes like a funny Plantation or a thought on a particular song. So as a result I have about 90 concerts reviewed and rated in a folder on my phone and Ipad as a reference.

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