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Jonesy Appears In Uncle Earl Video

Lady Goodman

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New Release: Uncle Earl Announces Music Video for Streak O 'Lean, Streak O' Fat

Nov. 29, 2007:

Burlington, MA -- Stringband sensations Uncle Earl have just released the video for their song "Streak o' Lean, Streak o' Fat" from their latest album Waterloo, Tennessee. Set in an anonymous Chinese restaurant, the video follows a chaotically unfolding Kung Fu clogging battle between warring alien forces that breaks out where touring stringband Uncle Earl has stopped for dinner. Sensing impending dance madness, the Uncle Earl "g'Earls" leap for their instruments and play a rousing tune (with original Chinese lyrics) to spur the action. When the fighting gets dirty, Uncle Earl intervenes and they unite the two warring tribes in a dance of joy and cooperation. Uncle Earl producer, Led Zeppelin's legendary multi-instrumentalist John Paul Jones, makes an appearance on piano.

The concept for the video was a collaborative effort between director Tom Krueger (Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, U2), producer Brad Paul, and band member Kristin Andreassen. Other band members, listed according to instruments they play in the video, include KC Groves on bass, Rayna Gellert on fiddle, and Abigail Washburn on banjo and vocal (singing her own original Chinese lyrics).

Released in March, Waterloo, Tennessee is "...some of the most compelling bluegrass that's ever left Tennessee." (New York Post) Produced by John Paul Jones, Waterloo, Tennessee combines raucous fiddle tunes and jug band blues with ballads of loss and exile, affectionate love songs, and a profound longing that can only be echoed in the strains of fiddles, banjos, mandolins, and tender harmonies. Bluegrass Now magazine says "Uncle Earl has ‘g'earl' power; they know themselves and just put it out there." Part of a new generation of bold young acoustic musicians, the four women who compose Uncle Earl are awakening the sleeping giant of old-time string band music, holding it up as a mirror to our present era.

The video can be viewed here: Streak O' Lean, Streak O' Fat

< :lol: This is too funny!

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