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Led Zep 1970- Studio Works..

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While sat under a "Big Oak" having a good old listen to "Gallows Pole", the Chap who's now seen "His friends coming, riding many a mile", drops a Cd down to me. Its a 4xCd Led Zeppelin (not boxed) album, Its called "Led Zeppelin 1970 Studio works", on it i find three tracks, that im not to sure about. So i thought, now he's seen his "Sister coming, riding many a mile", i'll see if anyone has got these tracks....they are...

Jenning farm blues, Feel so bad, & I wanna be her man?????

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I've got Jennings Farm Blues & I Wanna Be Her Man (both on that entirely mad 11 disc Antrabata's Studio Sessions), but I've never heard of Feel So Bad. I hope you find something about that one out, because I'm rather curious.

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Jennings Farm Blues = Multioverlay elec. guitar track, melody reworked on Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp and the concept of multiple overlays used first again on TSRTS.

I Wanna Be Her Man = An accoustic jam/song. Suprisingly in good quality, when you compare it to the other accoustic records from Bron-yr-aur.

I Feel So Bad = Actually the first version of "Hat's off to (Roy) Harper". It's actually an medley of several bluessongs, i can't remember them just now, hold a min...

Feel So Bad (includes : Fixin' To Die, That's Alright)

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