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Going to pick up a Danelectro 63 reissue tomarrow

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I went to my local music yesterday and saw this funny shaped, old school danelectro guitar sittin there. The night before, I watched the Royal Albert Hall video where Jimmy is using his Danelectro, so I decided to try it out and was completly blown away. This thing feels great and the lipstick pickups were amazing. They are wired different than my telecaster so when I put the switch in the middle postition it got louder rather than quieter like it does on teles, a cool little thing. I was playing Bring It On Home and the guy at the store said "Led Zeppelin nice", then a lil later I was playing Whole Lotta Love and a little kid came up to me and asked if I could play Stairway so I started playing it and explaining it to him about how I might get kicked out for playing it, this younger generation just doesnt understand(and Im saying this as a 19 year old) I was amazed by this guitar so I looked at the price tag to see how expensive it is and WOW, what I was guessing to be a 600- 700 dollar guitar (way out of my price range) was listed for 299.99. I am going back tomarrow to pick it up. Does anyone else have Danelectros out there??

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