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Jimmy's 50th Anniversary as a Performer


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At the age of 14, Jimmy appeared on ITV's ''Search For Stars'' talent quest programme; so he's been a performer, largely in the rock genre, for 50 years ♫. Are they giving him a surprise party? Can I come? I'll expect my invitation in the (e)mail. :D

They may vaguely remember me as: 1998, Toronto, before the show, queen. :thanku: FTBOM♥. There, I said it!

I saw Robert and Alison in July in Toronto from the 5th row, everything was wow! Battle Of Evermore was amazing...can see it on youboob. TTYL :wave:

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Did you mean to say 'All Your Own' hosted by Huw Weldon?


thanks for bringing this to my attention. I can't believe the avidity of LZ fans to pick up on these things so fast and set the record straight.

this is the only info I have on "All Your Own". wherever else it's mentioned... in his bio, etc.,... I didn't read the book! stupid me! :bagoverhead:

A quote from L.C. USA:

In the dark ages of black and white television, there was a programme, ostensibly for kids, which came on after tea, called All Your Own, hosted by Huw Weldon. I dreaded this show, which consisted of overachieving children playing music solos and masterpieces, or building the Taj Mahal out of matchsticks. They were all well scrubbed in full school uniform, with slicked down hair and sickly smiles and my mother would sigh… "How come my children can't do something like that?" Fifty years later, I still remember wondering, who exactly were these nerdy kids?" :chickeddance:

well, Jimmy was one of them you say!

if he had just picked up a guitar at age 12, that means that after a year or so, & after a couple of lessons and being self-taught, he was already showcasing his talents.

is there a photo or tape that goes along with this? I shouldn't wonder... there probably is. could you give me the resource you procured this from or point me in the right direction? now that you've got me curious, if I could get the date of his appearance as well, that would be significant about this luminary. thanks. :kiss:

no matter what, this forum could be the official celebration venue ... or my place will do! :hysterical:

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Are you looking for the video of him on that show?

no no that's ok...I've watched it on YouTube, but thanks for asking.

ok, here's what I have so far:

From Jimmy's Biography:

"Jimmy Page began learning guitar when he was 12 on his first electric guitar, a second hand 1949 Gibson Les Paul. At the age of 14, Jimmy appeared on ITV's Search For Stars talent quest program." (no further info, no date).

There's a website which calls it ITV`s `Search for a Star`. (no further info).

From youtube videos:

Jimmy Page playing skiffle, the Huw Wheldon Show ("All Your Own") , BBC TV 1957. (no date). I now understand the reference to "All Your Own".

From Wikipedia:

"All Your Own was a BBC children's television program that aired on BBC from 1952 to 1960. The show provided the first television appearance for Jimmy Page."

Early skiffle and rock’n’roll were covered on the BBC’s “6-5 Special” and “Drumbeat”, and ITV’s “Oh Boy!”, “Boy Meets Girls”, “Wham!” and “Thank Your Lucky Stars”.

you can see why I'm a little metagrobilized (dazed and confused!) :wacko:

I really want the date of his first appearance so I can pinpoint the anniversary. there's probably a book or biography out there but I missed it somehow; and ledzeppelin. com is the best place to come to for news and maybe a little gossip. :coffee::blahblah:

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