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Shoddy Perfection


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A fragment of infinity is still infinity...

Sorry, but my main language is not english, so I'm not sure I did get your point!?! If your point was that the song clocked in at around seven minutes...yes, I've heard it before :D Not much of a fragment!

In the words of our dear, beloved Edmund Blackadder: 'Ang on! Even if it's a fragment of infinity, it's still infinity, right? Did I get it right?

Anyway, thank you for your interest B)

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I think you need to sort out your drummer, who is overplaying all over the track. Get it right at the back and start again. The whole track is somewhat overproduced. It needs more space...and cut the length.


I never thought I would hear "cut the lenght" at a Zeppelin forum :D

Thank you for your interest and advice :)

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