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  1. wow. Congrats to the O's fans. I'll be honest and say I didn't think they'd ever get up to first. Tigers may be able to leap-frog the Angels with a good series coming up but it's starting to look like their only chance now is to win the division. Oh well, maybe next year
  2. I didn't think the skit was that impressive. Sure it took balls, I guess, but all I really got out of the thing is that Clint Eastwood stutters and pauses a lot. Yes, I am a Romney supporter but my first choice was Ron Paul.
  3. Try these strings I found in our local shop. I think they're called Yarns (was a while ago when I got them). I use the 3.25 sts's on my hollow body and they're pretty decent for blues/rock. I don't do a whole lot of bends.
  4. This guy is a mastermind. That being said, can people really accuse Jimmy Page of playing too sloppy live? lol.
  5. Hey I gave the guy credit when I changed it... I think it was in the Photos thread or something.
  6. I love this song but that bridge really doesnt fit it.
  7. Just to reiterate... Rotten crotch. That is all.
  8. couple nice games. O's win over Yankees, and Tigers take one over the White Sox (hopefully they are ready to work for the other two)
  9. You take my hand, I'll take your hand baby... togetherr, we may get away. In 2001 cell phones were just starting to propogate into the hands of most regular people. I met her through my cousin, late one night a party on the Middlegrounds on the river in Bay City, MI. Out behind the shed on our 200 acre farm I paced back and forth, shoes kicking milk-weed up into the air, for a little under 40 minutes. This was the first real call I would ever make on one of those machines. "Hello?".. "Erm, Hi" ... "is Holly home?" "Sure, just a minute"... I set back against the cold steel side of the
  10. awesome Tigers I can't believe a team would have this kind of trouble with this kind of lineup.
  11. doesnt matter cuz we brought the bats... right back in the game
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