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  1. Thanks for the link. That's a nice site.
  2. Is there any news as to when this will be released?
  3. I keep thinking about the '98 tour and while jimmy was playing great, the audience was lining up for the bathroom and beer refills while they played their Clarksdale material. The cd didn't sell all that well either. Combination of disinterest from the newer generation of fans and material that just didn't live up to expectations. How could it? Touring on greatest hits from years gone past can't be something that would have befitted Zeppelin. Thanks to Robert for seeing that and resisting the money and ego kick. The last great song Jimmy wrote was Achilles and that was in '76.
  4. I quite disagree. John Paul Jones has never been better than he is now, in either his musicianship or creativity. Just wait until he releases The Goast Sonata until you make that judgement. Robert has continued to be creative as well even though his path has not been in expectation with many of his long time fans. Jimmy has been the only one who retired, which is fine too. I just wish he would comes to grip with it and stop leading naive people on.
  5. I personally doubt that jones ever thought to bring jimmy anywhere near them crooked vultures. Whatever happened between jones and page during their time together after the o2 was enough to put jimmy into retirement. The vocalist and the timing in which he was introduced seems like a lame excuse. My opinion is that jimmy could not grasp making music at jones's level and didn't want to embarrass himself anymore.
  6. Was probably too much for jimmy to take, being the lessor musician to jones and having him dictate the musical direction at a level that he could no longer reach.
  7. I think Plant hit his prime right around the time of the honeydrippers and principle of moments. His voice had matured for sure, but I don't think you can measure his worth by vocal abilities alone.
  8. Calling Joe Frazier an Uncle Tom and a gorilla to promote himself was shameful. Please don't say he never sacrificed his integrity.
  9. For coming back from the devastation of ww2 as a leader of civilization as we know it today.
  10. I can see The reasoning behind limiting which topics are to be discussed on a privately held forum such as this. The site is basically here to promote the band and the owners of the site have the right to do as they please. We are here at their pleasure. On the other hand, nobody was forced to click on a topic to read its contents.
  11. If young people in the 70's and 80's could have found a way to get music and or anything else for free, we all would have done it. Technology has helped in that context for those inclined. Me, I'm happy to pay $10 a month to apple for all my old favorites and some new stuff too. I like that cars don't break down as often, information is a click away and thick bushes are a thing of the past. Never did like hair in my food.
  12. Why does it really matter if someone writes or stamps their name anyway? What value does it bring to the recipient either way? Celebrity worship is beyond dumb and I can't get my mind around the reasons people line up so someone can write or stamp their name on a piece of paper. You already know their name and it's not like the signer of autographs is going to have a real conversation with all of the people on line. Sheesh!
  13. Please do me the favor of explaining your version of empowerment. All sarcasm aside, I want to know.
  14. Take back power from who? A dead man? Too late for that.
  15. If Jackie wanted true justice she should have found a way to take her rapists balls off of him while he was still alive. He wasn't that hard to find. Does she have brothers? A father, cousins? If she does and they didn't act or believe her then the shame belongs to them.