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  1. Yes, its deeper than WLL. But Plant was really really good at being 'deep and meaningless', which cleverly leaves a lot of room open for the listener to interpret the lyrics how they want. But, to conclude that every line in Carouselambra is either about Page or Grant or the band is just silly to me. Thats not Plants style at all. Lets say, "take of the fruit but guard the seed" was directed at his wife for his sons death while he was on tour? Maybe she had been remiss and, had an affair or two and was partying a lot, ya' know, enjoying the rewards of her husbands success? The seed being 'Karac' (of course). See what I'm saying? Just came up with that off the top of my head by the way. Just my two cents
  2. No, thats the reason 'Entwistle' kept touring. Notice how many times they've toured after Entwistle died? That blows that theory right out the window.
  3. Maybe ya'll are looking too deeply into Plants gobbly gook lyrics and making it fit into your narrative? Seriously, you guys are making it out to look like if only Page had gone to Plants son funeral everything would have been just dandy (Jones didn't make it either). And yeah, Page had a drug/alcohol problem but so did his buddy Bonham. The "where was your bow" part being interpreted as Jimmy's guitar is way the fuck out there man . But hey, whatever keeps ya' busy I guess?
  4. Hey Chase. I totally get where your coming from on this, so let me explain where I'm at on this subject: It always chaps my ass when The Who and Led Zeppelin are compared in this context. Led Zeppelins decision (including Grant) not to continue without Bonham was a testament to the importance of his contribution to the band as well as any desire or need to continue on as a unit without him. The Who (on the other hand) did the exact opposite with their two most most crucial elements that comprised the sound of the band. After those two were gone, what are you left with? Kinda reminds me of The Fast And Furious Franchise pt 17. Awww shit one of lead characters just got burned, gotta keep it moving man, theres still money to be made here folks. I can't really blame them though, this is how they put bread on the table....and we all need bread.
  5. "Majority" my ass! They wanted that money, man. Plain and simple.
  6. I'll bet it took less time for Townshend & Daltrey to make this "hard decision" than the "half a minute" it took you to find the answer to my question...a lot less. Besides, the Ox wouldn't have given a shit either way: “I wasted my whole fucking career on The Who,” he said between gulps of Remy Martin brandy, his favourite tipple. “Complete fucking waste of time. I should be a multi-millionaire. I should be retired by now. I’ll be known as an innovative bass player. But that doesn’t help get my swimming pool rebuilt and let me sit on my arse watching TV all day. I wouldn’t want to, but I’d like the chance to be able to.” This interview took place in the mid-nineties, at a time when John’s frustration at The Who’s post-Moon stop-start career, itself a product of Townshend’s need to find creative fulfilment elsewhere, was at its worst. There was also the gut-wrenching realisation that because of catastrophic business moves in the mid-sixties The Who would never make anything like as much as they deserved in royalties from the sales of their records. It is not hard to imagine John brooding over the rock star names in the Sunday Times Rich List, the individual Beatles, Stones, Floyds, Zeppelins and Queens, and, brandy bottle to hand, cursing his luck that he wasn’t amongst them.
  7. Ok. but, you didn't answer the question....
  8. Question? How long did it take The 'fucking' Who to replace John Entwistle?
  9. They had to be tripping on acid at this show. I've never heard Bonham twist up the entire drum pattern during the solo section like this before, and Page and JPJ somehow rolled with it and turned into sheer fucking magic. The intro to the solo is much longer than I've ever heard and Bonzo is setting the tone for a very different version of this song. Again, they were on some good acid and slipped into another dimension here. What a trip!
  10. Not the best recording, but the playing is really good. Page is seriously on point throughout his solo. Starts at 12:30
  11. There's far too much hate for ITTOD. It kinda makes sense for this band to follow up Presence (no keyboards) with ITTOD (keys on every track). Zeppelin never repeated themselves on record, that in itself, is a very very rare thing. For Led Zeppelin, ITTOD was a shit record, anybody else would have killed for a shit record like that. I'm sure it sold well beyond Presence...easily.
  12. Vienna '73. Page and Bonham's playing sways between soft, aggressive and vicious. Its just fucking mean! One of my fav's