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  1. If you took the 10 greatest guitarists ever and turned them into one person, you'd wind up with this guy:
  2. #1 To count the money, after each gig which was in cash (serious shit right there). #2 Stand on side of stage with arms folded while band plays...watching everything and keeping his crew on point as he always did. #3 Deal with the promoters and all their shenanigans, Cole could only do so much and he certainly had his hands full. #4 Keep band out of jail. Sans the Oakland incident, I'm sure that Grant 'managed' to prevent these hooligans from being arrested many many times, that must have been a full time job in itself. #5 this is a quote from a link below that I have added..."He was the hands-on manager who always travelled with the band, made sure costs were kept down, and that promoters paid up. Grant did more for LZ than what 99% of the managers from that era or this one ever did for their artists, the history of this speaks for itself.
  3. Did any of the managers you talked to do this? "Peter Grant ensured that the vast bulk of ticket profits wound up in the hands of the band rather than in the hands of promoters and booking agents, and is reported to have secured 90% of gate money from concerts performed by the band, an unprecedented feat. By taking this approach he set a new standard for artist management, single-handedly pioneering the shift of power from the agents and promoters to the artists and management themselves." Or, did any managers you talked to manage to secure a record deal with full artistic control for their bands? I've never heard anything but admiration from other big time managers concerning Peter Grants handling of Led Zeppelin, and jealousy from the many many other bands who were ripped off by their managers, wishing they had had a manager like Peter Grant. "Grant should have never went on the road as his obligations were to Swan Song and his new acts". Really? I guess Peter Grant didn't do things in the normal way that others did, it seems to me to have been a very successful venture all around especially in comparison to any other band in history that I'm aware of.
  4. This is fucking awesome! Thanks Sam
  5. John Blackwell, gone at 43 yrs old....damn! RIP man
  6. Such a great performance of this song. Jimmy's delicate playing is really outstanding here:
  7. No reason to get bent out of shape dude. Its just my opinion on the matter. Obviously, a little pushback on the topic is unacceptable to you. Since this topic is much more important to you than me, I will discontinue my comments on this subject. On with the polemic...
  8. Plant is being made out here to be some kind of saint, preaching the rights and wrongs of morality to bandmates within this song. Meanwhile, not only is he fully indulging in the spoils of success to his hearts delight, he's also had serious affairs (not just groupies) and went as far as to actually writing several songs about them including one after his sons death (Hot Dog). So, on one album we have Carouselambra where he is supposedly reprimanding the band for whatever, and another song (Hot Dog) where he is bemoaning the loss of one of his girlfriends. Talk about having your cake and eating it too... JPJ was given a pass by IpMan for missing the funeral "he was on family vacation, no cell phones" . But that dirty Jimmy Page doesn't get one Its all pure conjecture...isn't it?
  9. Yes, its deeper than WLL. But Plant was really really good at being 'deep and meaningless', which cleverly leaves a lot of room open for the listener to interpret the lyrics how they want. But, to conclude that every line in Carouselambra is either about Page or Grant or the band is just silly to me. Thats not Plants style at all. Lets say, "take of the fruit but guard the seed" was directed at his wife for his sons death while he was on tour? Maybe she had been remiss and, had an affair or two and was partying a lot, ya' know, enjoying the rewards of her husbands success? The seed being 'Karac' (of course). See what I'm saying? Just came up with that off the top of my head by the way. Just my two cents
  10. No, thats the reason 'Entwistle' kept touring. Notice how many times they've toured after Entwistle died? That blows that theory right out the window.