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  1. The discussion itself is irrelevant.
  2. Not interested in the pick, Steve. But how about some tell all shit from your '77 experience with Zeppelin aboard the Starship? I won't tell anybody....
  3. Question: when did the term "gay" become a "homosexual slur"? I guess you could say it has to do with the context its used in, but in this case its a real stretch. Kinda like calling someone a racist for using the term 'black' instead of 'african american'. I understand how offensive names such as meat smoker, booty bandit, fudge packer, rump rooter (just made that up), pudding pusher, turd tickler, gerbil jouster, anus angler....are all obvious homosexual slurs...but "gay"? Political correctness is a pet peeve of mine....sorry. THIS THREAD MUST BE DERAILED
  4. I get the retrospective complaints about long improvised sections being played instead of a bunch of the 'songs' we would have liked them to have played, but I don't think it would have been physically possible, not for 3 and a half hours. Hell, in '75 they were doing marathon long shows and Plant could barely sing. In '77 Plants voice was in much better shape but couldn't possibly have sung for over three hours without intermittent breaks to get a rest, some tea, and Page was the real workhorse with the least amount of downtime during these tours. Moby Dick and JPJ piano solo in NQ were his only rest stops. Page was frail, but he was a beast when it came to stamina. Besides, I'm sure it was fun/relaxing/challenging to do a lot of improvising as opposed to just cranking out all your songs in a familiar way. Thats what the Rolling Stones did, and I love it, but thats not what I listen to live Led Zeppelin for. Just my two cents
  5. My guess? It was Plants decision. Steve Albini: “I was impressed with how collaborative Page and Plant were, bearing in mind that there was a previously existing power structure where it was Jimmy Page’s band and Robert was hired to be the singer and in the interim, Robert had gone on to become a very successful solo artist and now should be able to call the shots in a lot of situations. Jimmy was deferential to him in that regard.”
  6. I never knew that Page played with Clapton's band a few months before the ARMS concert.
  7. Yes, you can polish a turd:
  8. Question: I've read that too and i'm wondering why thats being said? Pretty sure their last song was Slaves & Bulldozers and Cornell is said to have quoted just the refrain from IMTOD during this song...but I don't even hear that . Am I missing something here?
  9. Who really gives a shit whether or not LZ changed music? Whatever it is that they did made one hell of an impact and I'm still feeling it. Nobody really changes music anyways, except for the music industry, they decide what to feed the masses.
  10. Throw in an exhibit of a collection of Jimmy's polaroids... and I'm there.
  11. Michael Parks passed away at age 77. Such an underrated actor, one of my all time personal favorites.
  12. God bless Jack White.
  13. Thats awesome!!! Please feel free to elaborate more on your recollections of this show. Thx