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  1. I've been listening to 4/25/77 (Kentucky) recently and thoroughly enjoying it. The band is very...rowdy and in good mood on this night.
  2. Steve Albini on Robert Plant: "he is so sure of his own greatness that he loves the smell of his own farts. You can't helped but be charmed by a guy like that". Now thats what I call a backhanded compliment.
  3. Never seen this addition to an old clip. Watch at the end how the promoter is about to open a briefcase full of cash and Richard Cole 'slams' it shut. Obviously, that is a big no no and that guy let out a nervous chuckle...oops!
  4. Here's more to think about.
  5. No. It was Beck that gave Page the telecaster, not Clapton. Peter Grant obviously confused the two.
  6. Wow! Thanks Sam, that was a hell of a read. Interesting that Plant seems to have been his least favorite of the four, not surprising at all, but I appreciate his subtle honesty. Sounds like he was biting his tongue there as well about ole' Percy.
  7. JPJ was a little rusty in the beginning of HB. At :24 secs in he hits a very noticeable clam, and at :40 secs in he leaves out the turnaround note. Just thought I'd throw that out there since Page gets all the attention for fuck ups. I'll bet JPJ was smiling with that "oops" look on his face along with the rest of the band grinning from ear to ear. Audible mistakes by JPJ are so rare that I actually enjoy them immensely, reminds me that he's human.
  8. My post had nothing to do with JPJ being notified about the project between Page & Plant doing LZ songs that he was left out of. And who the fuck are you to tell me what "to get the fuck over already"? Really? Get a fucking grip on yourself dude and be careful how you speak to people.
  9. Exactly. It was a total asshole move on Plants part to publicly say that about Jones after he was left out of the project, and replaced by Plants bassist and keyboardist on top of it?. How people minimize that really surprises me. Does anybody think JPJ found Plants comment funny? I seriously fucking doubt it.
  10. Why was JPJ disinvited from Page/Plant? Because Plant was calling the shots at this point in time and he didn't want him there, thats why. Thats a no brainer. Page certainly would have relished having JPJ on board, but Plant was having none of that. Plant wanted 'his' drummer and 'his' bass player (who i believe was married to Plants daughter at the time) and that was that. I think Plants response to the question: "where's JPJ?" said it all, "he's parking the car". That was truly disrespectful as well as unforgivable IMO, and it speaks volumes about the relationship between Plant & JPJ. I think its interesting to note that shortly after the 2007 reunion JPJ was asked what were the future possibilities for more and JPJ responded with a simple: "I don't know, I just know I want to play with Jimmy again". Notice how he didn't mention wanting to play with Plant? There is no love lost between those two....
  11. It wasn't Peter Grants job to take care of Plants voice. 'Oh Robert, you mustn't smoke, now its time to do your pre-show vocal exercises, uh oh, its getting late, you must go night night now, we have a show tomorrow dear boy. Robert, you mustn't showboat so much, you'll strain your precious voice. Oh dear, Roberts caught the flu again, sorry chaps but we'll have to cancel another tour'. Yeah.....right. And yeah, "Peter Grant got them their money", that is, in fact, a managers job, and he did it very well.
  12. I would love for Page or Jones to be asked that question. I'm willing to bet that Page wasn't worried about it because Plant always performed great when recording their albums, much like himself. Live? 'Fuck it, just get out there, act like you own the place, and do your best'. I'll bet Jones feelings were similar, the show must go on folks. Nowadays a singer like Adele catches a cold and the whole tour is cancelled, thats not how Zeppelin rolled. I'm also willing to bet that they'd both comment on how well Plant adapted to his vocal issues and how much of a struggle it had to be for him to get through it.