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  1. Richard Cole was known to be fearless, and not to be fucked with in any manner. This is why Peter Grant hired him. I once read an article by a guy in some band that I can't remember the name of who called him "the toughest man I've ever met". He then recalled a story about hanging out with him one night. They walked across a street heading to a pub and had a confrontation with a motorcycle gang while crossing this street. The leader of the gang zipped by Cole because he wasn't waiting for them to pass, then circled back and stopped his bike right next to Cole. Cole then promptly kicked the bike with him on it over into the street. The biker furiously got up and into Coles face and quickly backed down while his posse did nothing to help. They then safely proceeded to the pub with Cole leading the way. Michael Des Barres described Cole's role in the band as being "like a Rottweiler pimp. You did not want to fuck with him. He's the gentlest, sweetest man today, but back then, he would shove a coat hanger up your ass and hang you out the window like a wet cunt. Share on Facebook
  2. I think your leaving out the main culprit...Quaaludes. Those things packed a wallop, and in '77 people were eating them like candy. And, Page notoriously stole all of Dr. Badgley's supply of ludes and were certainly gobbled up by the band and crew. Freebasing coke was also the rage at this time (for people with money). Take your pick man, '77 was fucking crazy anyway you look at it. Right now I'm listening to 6/25/77 on a steady basis, and it just blows me away how good they were, drugs and all. I used to think the 21st and 23rd were the best of the L.A. run, but the 25th is (for me) one of their greatest performances ever.
  3. Put a cowboy hat on him and you got Richie Sambora in Jimmy Page's dragon suit.
  4. Billy Joel on Zeppelin:
  5. Personally, I think Plant ripped his voice to shreds by opening up with Immigrant Song for two years straight. Im pretty sure Plant never did pre-show vocal warmup exercises and it took its toll. The last time they played Immigrant Song was in Tucson AZ. 6/28/72, and it was the first show where I heard Plants voice start to struggle during Immigrant Song (it was permanently dropped right there forever). They took a break and came back for the final leg of the tour in Japan & England and his voice was cracking all over the place. I think Plant blew his wad in San Bernardino & L.A. in 1972, but it was one hell of a wad and thank god those shows were multi tracked because Plants voice would never be the same again after that.
  6. That was fucking awesome!!!!!
  7. ^ Greatness. Its hard to choose a favorite year, but i would definitely have to go with 1973. The unbelievable playing along with his best tone ever takes the cake for me. The whole band just seemed to slip into another dimension in '73. Their playing was more relaxed and confident than they'd ever been before. I'd also have to say that Bonham's drumming had noticeably matured on this tour. His playing was less thrashy and more focused and disciplined than he'd ever been.
  8. Page did not play jazz, so its a bit of a stretch right off the bat. I'm sure they could have ripped through a few 8 balls together like nobody's business though.
  9. Tangerine. Lyrics like "I was her love, she was my queen, and now a thousand years between. Thinking how it use to be, does she still remember times like these, to think of us again....and I do". Then that weeping slide solo comes in, that shit just kills me every time.