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  1. Does anyone have an idea of how much EV pays the owner of these Zep soundboards to get them? Would be interesting to find out. Maybe the owner gets a cut of the sales. I have no idea.
  2. Sure, we can look at things in terms of probability, but with Zeppelin you always have to factor in the distinct chance of a curveball. For instance, nobody predicted the Pod, Pod track from Presence, and I'm sure there are private collectors out there hoarding gems, wallowing in private showings of footage we have never seen. As a long time Zeppelin fan I've learnt to never say, never—the band is a capricious beast.
  3. The irony is that Jimmy seems more comfortable in his own skin, healthy and happy than he has been in years. Yet he's not releasing any new music. These are his Dakota years ;-)
  4. According to LZ news, the release of the boot has been delayed: A source inside Japanese bootleg label Empress Valley reportedly said that upcoming soundboard bootleg Deus Ex Machina "has not been completed yet." The bootleg of Led Zeppelin's March 21, 1975 Seattle show was supposed to be released in mid-June, but it hasn't arrived yet. The source reportedly said that the album is still in production.
  5. Agreed. Let's move on.
  6. Can't let it go, can you. Have to reply with another insult. I put forward my reasons: specifically that you thought scraping a 50 per cent return on companion tracks was acceptable and I thought, along with many other fans, that it wasn't and the release was a major disappointment. To rationalise your argument you had to go to the lengths of creating a convoluted key system with ratings. When it comes to the point when your creating keys and tables and graphs to judge music, then you've lost the argument already. As I said, "music is judged with emotion and gut feeling" not pie charts and protractors. What's next a gantt chart to justify Page's musical inactivity.
  7. I think most people on this forum are well aware of that, but after years of false promises from Page, they don't expect anything, and have sort of mentally given up on the whole thing. I just find it sad that a guy of his talent, hasn't produced anything new music since WIC in 1998. It's his choice, but please stop with the "next year I'll be"...rhetoric, Jimmy. It's not doing you any favours.
  8. Spot on.
  9. What, the guy that looks like Noel Edmonds? ;-)
  10. I've put forward my logical argument, if you want to resort to personal insult, because you don't have a counter argument, then that's up to you. But I'm not resorting to mud slinging. We'll need to agree to disagree.
  11. You also say, "But having revisited all 67 of the companion tracks (excluding the live Paris show companion to Zep I), my argument is that about half of them - just over 30 - are very worthwhile." So we're scraping a 50 per cent return rate on tracks. That's a crap return in any walk of life. You can produce all the graphs, pie charts and "analysis" you like, but people listen with their ears, and music is judged with emotion and gut feeling, not with contrived arguments used to rationalise an underwhelming release.
  12. And the Titanic had a great dessert trolley. I see where you're coming from, but this argument is like when I periodically re-visit WIC and want to love it, but I can't, and I try to rationalise that it's better than it actually is, because it's Page and Plant. AS the OP, I stand by my original opinion, that the remasters was a missed opportunity and it could have been so much better. WIP material in its best possible quality would have shone a light on the creative process far better than a mix with a slightly louder tambourine. We waited decades for the mother-lode; and got a happy meal instead.
  13. I don't care if it cost one million British pounds, or if Keith Emerson owned 50, the sound and rhythm Jonesy choose to use on Carouselambra reeked of blue-veined Stilton. Bowie and plenty of other artists used synths in the late 70s. Some of those tracks sound a bit dated now, but not cheesy like Carouselambra.
  14. I would love to hear a version of Carouselambra with Jonsey's cheesy keyboard sounds taken out and him playing a new keyboard sound and motif in its place. Would be very interesting. The new mix on the companion discs was already clearer and an improvement, and I've heard a guitar-heavy rehearsal version which is even better. The whole ITTOD album could do with a remix to remove the mudiness and bring out the vocals and guitars in some songs. In the Evening for example. Might be sacrilege, but John Lennon's Imagine suffered from the same muddiness and a remix and remaster made it sound amazing.