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  1. "There's tons of amazing ones though and my favorites tend to change depending on my mood." That is exactly the case with me. My current listening is "Live in Japan:1972"(Daiichi Hall-October 10, 1972-Kyoto, Japan) and "Rampaging Cajun" (February 28,1975- Baton Rouge, LA). They are both killer shows to me, but my favorites could change next week. I tend to favor the 1975 tour in terms of set list and performance.
  2. What show was this? 9/29/?
  3. That would be sweet. I have always wondered how many soundboards Page has that hasn't made its way to the people.
  4. Capital Centre-Landover Maryland- May 30, 1977. JPJ's work on "No Quarter" is incredible!
  5. March 16,1973- Weiner Standthalle- Vienna Austria.
  6. You are right. He is wearing that guitar out,
  7. I haven't heard any of these. I will get these shows and check them out. Thanks!
  8. I just listened to this. His playing is stellar on this!
  9. I'll check that one out. I do a lot of my live Zeppelin listening on 75 North and South myself.
  10. I am curious to know what everyone thinks is Jimmy's best live guitar solo. I am leaning toward the "Killing Floor" solo at the Fillmore (Dancing Avocado).
  11. Dazed. I have to be in the mood for White Summer as well. I am a fan of the song, but I never really felt like one particular live solo captured Jimmy's greatness as a guitar player.
  12. 1975. There are some fantastic shows from that tour out there.
  13. Jimmy's acoustic playing was heavily influenced by Bert Jansch.
  14. I just upload music to my phone. I have "Killing Floor" from Dancing Avocado on there. So they first few rings is the Smokestack Lightning riff.
  15. Kyoto '72 Just got through with Baton Rouge 2/28/75. The band sounded great, but Robert's voice was a bit off. I have heard something about him having some surgery done the year prior.