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  1. favorite band (besides zeppelin)?

    Off the top of my head: Rush (my favourite band of all time), Queen, The Who, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Cream, Yes, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Doors, The Sonics, MC5, The Hellacopters, Graveyard, Witchcraft, Asteroid...to name a few.
  2. The Birthday Thread

    Wow! Thank you so much! I guess this is from the Hemispheres tour. Hearing The Necromancer live has been a dream of mine. Now, if only some lovely person will unearth footage / sound recordings from the so-called Down The Tubes tour, I will be a happy camper!!!
  3. The Birthday Thread

    Modern Day Warrior, Mean Mean Stride, Today's Tom Sawyer, Mean, Mean Pride! Thanks, Andy!
  4. The Birthday Thread

    Thanks, Walter!!
  5. The Birthday Thread

    Many thanks, Sean! Yeah, I got pretty drunk on some Scotch but it was a pleasant buzz!
  6. The Birthday Thread

    Thank you so much, Esther! It certainly was!
  7. The Birthday Thread

    Thank you! It was a fabulous day! Gotta love good old Spock!
  8. The Birthday Thread

    Thanks so much!
  9. Random Thoughts v.3

    Gosh! The video for Rush's song Subdivisions has 5.3 million views on YT but A-ha's Take On Me has 513 million views?! Jeez!
  10. What's Your Latest Purchase?

    Some Rush birthday loot!
  11. The Birthday Thread

    Yay! That really made my day! I must confess that Lerxst happens to be my favourite member of Rush! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!! It is going to be a pretty Rush filled evening over at my house, tonight. I just bought the 'A Show of Hands' DVD and I am going to spend the evening watching it over a few beers!
  12. At the moment, the entire Queen : Live Killers album, a compilation of songs from concerts during their Jazz tour, that took place between January and March, 1979.
  13. Random Thoughts v.3

    Wow! You saw that iconic episode? You're so lucky! Luke and Laura were the ultimate super couple. I have seen clips of the wedding episode on Youtube! Gosh! I couldn't get over the fact that Elizabeth Taylor was the original Helena Cassadine.
  14. Random Thoughts v.3

    Yes, it is
  15. What Are You Doing Today?

    Usually, it's not this bad but there have been times when the work has just been piled on and I have even gone without any sleep for an entire day. My job is really interesting and I love what I do but I have to admit, that my passion sure dies down sometimes, because of sheer mental and physical exhaustion. Thankfully, my vacation starts on the 11th and I'll have 10 days all to myself!
  16. football

  17. What Are You Doing Today?

    Spending a quiet day at home, reading, watching test cricket and listening to music. I am currently recovering from a horrific work schedule. These past 5 days have been absolutely brutal. I had to work for approximately 18 hours a day, survive with 2 to 3 hours of sleep and to top it all, my boss expected me to show up at the office on time at 10 AM
  18. football

    Too bad the Netherlands won't be competing, this time!
  19. The Ashes Are On Again

    Missed the last test match because of a terrible work schedule. Catching up by watching the second test.
  20. Random Thoughts v.3

    Really loving General Hospital's storylines, of late. Nice to see Steve Burton again!
  21. Forum 10th Birthday 20th November.

    Many happy returns to the forum. I honestly, do love this place and that's why I keep coming back. I was a member of 3 other forums when I joined this one. I don't log into those any more. I just lost interest. This forum on the other hand is a different kettle of fish. Cannot believe it's been 7 years and 5 months since I joined!