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  1. Song Name Game

    Red Barchetta - Rush
  2. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Can't wait to add this album to my collection, next month! Gotta get paid first!
  3. What are you watching on TV now?

  4. TOOL Thread

    Made my fuckin' day, reading this! http://www.metalinjection.net/upcoming-releases/adam-jones-says-tool-begin-recording-new-album-as-soon-as-march
  5. What are you watching on TV now?

  6. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Damn! That looks so scrumptious!!
  7. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Wow! Talk about a really trippy vocal delivery!
  8. What are you watching on TV now?

    It was my hero Susan B. Anthony's 198th birthday, just 10 days ago. Alas, work commitments at the time, prevented proper celebrations from my side. Celebrating now, by watching this remarkable documentary, courtesy of PBS: 'Not For Ourselves Alone'.
  9. I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    Got the opportunity to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Loved its haunting feel and dark comedic twist. Mildred Hayes is one feisty woman!! It sure is going to be tough at the Oscars, this year!
  10. I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    Brilliant movies, both of them! Saw Darkest Hour last week, with my parents. Viewed the trailer for Dunkirk. My favourite scene was that of Churchill riding the underground with ordinary citizens, jotting down their names and thoughts on whether they should continue the fight! Being a history buff, Darkest Hour moved me so much! It clearly shows that even Churchill, was human, at the end of the day. Pre-ordered the DVD. So excited! I missed the opportunity to see Dunkirk, though. Will definitely be ordering the DVD.
  11. At the moment, the entire Queen : Live Killers album, a compilation of songs from concerts during their Jazz tour, that took place between January and March, 1979.
  12. What Made You Happy today?

    Receiving a raise, without even asking for one!
  13. Best FLAC to WAV converter for Mac?

    I am in need of good CD burning software. I hate the kid of burning software iTunes uses, as the songs never seem to be read in properly or I hear so much of static! It looks like I've stopped by, at the right thread!
  14. Theatre

    This play deserves international recognition! Saw it last night! Fantastic production!! For someone who hardly knows anything about subjects like astrophysics, the theory of relativity, white dwarfs and black holes, this play was terribly entertaining and educative! Managed to score tickets right in the front row! My favourite for 2018, so far. I even managed to grab a limited edition hardback copy of the script! So many dialogues across both the acts, were so intriguing and informative. Taking such a complex subject and turning it into such an entertaining production, is a feat in itself! http://www.theatrecircuit.in/2016/09/the-square-root-of-sonnet.html Going to take this opportunity to post the Youtube video of the entire play. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Square Root of a Sonnet
  15. Random Thoughts v.3

    The biggest fuckin' snowflake on the planet is your beloved President, himself. The guy is so thin-skined and has a huge chip on his shoulder, not to mention a huge ego. The whole world knows it. If you care to deny it, then all I can say is how about some 'alternative facts'? I had to do this, as the term 'snowflake' is getting kinda old, pathetic and extremely puerile!
  16. TOOL Thread

  17. What Made You Happy today?

    After so much of heartache, I FINALLY managed to add these masterpieces to my CD collection, tonight!
  18. What Made You Happy today?

    ^^^A special hello to Sean and Esther! Lovely to see that you guys had such a blast!
  19. What's Your Latest Purchase?

    FINALLY!!! These albums are in my collection, at last!
  20. Beautiful Women

  21. What's Your Latest Purchase?

    Kick started 2018, with a cool Beethoven CD collection
  22. Make me laugh!

  23. Make me laugh!