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  1. At the moment, the entire Queen : Live Killers album, a compilation of songs from concerts during their Jazz tour, that took place between January and March, 1979.
  2. Hi Dd! Great that you're still around the forums! Wishing you a very happy birthday!
  3. Exactly. A piece of music history has been destroyed. I cannot understand why someone could not just take the place under their wing and restore it! Easier said than done, but when there's a will, there's a way.
  4. Le Studio...
  5. R.I.P Le Studio
  6. I know that this thread has been dormant for a year now, but a recent turn of events these past couple of days, has made me all the more determined to bring this thread up and surprise Strider, on the occasion of his birthday. So, Happy Birthday Strider! You're a gem of a person, with a big heart. I hope you got a chance to open the package that I sent you, a while ago. I wish you nothing but happiness, my friend.
  7. A Very Happy Birthday to a great forum friend of mine, Strider! I hope you're doing alright, now. I also hope you got a chance to open the stuff that I sent you!
  8. I love The Foo Fighters, especially their earlier albums. Music taste itself, is a very subjective thing. For instance, Primus is just OK for me. I don't get it. I tried but I didn't like the music. Does that in any way indicate that they are a bad band? Well, I can't say that they suck, as there are other folks who happen to love their music. Again, it's all subjective. What sounds good to some people, might not necessarily go down well, with others. Just a thought. Les Claypool though, is a terrific bassist.
  9. I honestly, prefer Power Windows to Signals and Grace Under Pressure, hands down!
  10. The Sun is playing a game of hide and seek, at the moment
  11. Got my hair cut really short, yesterday. Damn! That felt so liberating! Today, I am nursing a hang-over!
  12. Oh, you lucky so and so!!! That sounds like my dream vacation!
  13. I learnt of the existence of a very interesting internet acronym: AYFKM, which apparently stands for 'Are You Fuckin' Kidding Me?'
  14. Neat Whisky and live Rush. I can't think of any other better combination, than this!
  15. I'm seriously on a roll this week! Woohoo!