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  1. Random Thoughts v.3

    "Well, that escalated quickly..."
  2. The NBA 2017-2018 Thread

    I'm going to my first basketball game of the 17-18 (pre) season tonight! Warriors vs Kings, it's great to be back! I excited for the new look of the Celtics, Thunder, Rockets, Cavaliers, and Lakers. The NBA learned from all the injuries in last season's play offs to reduce the back to backs, so this years level of play is going to be pretty high! Go Warriors!
  3. Random Thoughts v.3

    On November 15. 2015, sam_webmaster said: "Many forums have adapted a "no political / religious topics" rules, as they always quickly result in fighting, insults, etc. So, we'll have to update the rules here too: Discussion of politics, religion or any other contentious social topic is not permitted. http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/guidelines/ Eye thank you!" Again, I respectfully request that members obey the rules here at ledzeppelin.com. There are literally thousands of sites where you are welcome to express your political views, this is not one of them.
  4. What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    Here's what made me unhappy today: The three typical responses to mass shooting: Politicians: "Thoughts and prayers." Liberals: "Make guns illegal!" Conservatives: "It's my RIGHT to have a gun!" Not one of those things help! Come on America, I'm in the classroom WITH YOUR KIDS! I could use some back up, please. What can we really do to reduce this kind of thing? We simply can't round up all 300,000,000 firearms out there in the US. I am pretty damn competent with firearms but I can only think of a few fellow teachers I'd trust to walk around with a piece. Plus that's not really my job (But, hey mission creep is the name of the game in public school teaching! i signed up to teach science but I have to teach drug education, sex ed, anti tobacco/alcohol propaganda, make sure no one is bullied, that they have/use glasses, prevent/report suspected child abuse, make sure they have been fed, etc.!) We've solved MAJOR challenges in the past: How to defeat Nazis, how to build a nuclear weapon, how to land on the moon, etc. Maybe it's time to harden the target. Make schools as secure as gov't offices and corporate headquarters, locked campuses, armed guards, metal detectors? Sloganeering has had ZERO effect on this problem and we can't just let this slide (again...)
  5. The NBA 2017-2018 Thread

    Well that was the best All-Star game I've ever seen! Now for the rest of the season: The "New Look" Cavs are rolling hard but are stuck in third place behind the roaring Raptors and the fading Celtics, while the "invincible" GS Warriors have dropped to second place behind the Rockets...
  6. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    My box 'o smokin' woods (Thanks again Jabe!) The rest is almond for fuel. I chose peach. Ever since I mentioned peach wood to my smoking friends, they've all been raving about it like it was some secret they weren't going to mention until I found out for myself... Brisket for the NBA All Star game tonight and jerk wings for lunch: Got to have music and beer! Lunch, jerk smoked wings. Brown sugar, lime juice, habanero pepper, and allspice. Brisket got a nice bark, peach wood is very light and sweet. I have to figure out where to get more... Dinner before the game! Thanks Jabe!
  7. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Jabe was kind enough to send some of his favored smoking wood! So I got a couple of racks of spare ribs and some beer on the way home from work. I chose hickory since I'm using pork. I have to have some music! Cedric is R.L.'s grandson... Final product! It only took 5 hrs. at 225F. I don't wrap the meat but I do let it rest in a slightly warmed oven. They turned out great! Very tender, lots of smoke flavor. Hickory is a very strong, sharp smoke flavor which complements the sweet rub I make. Thanks Jabe!
  8. Best FLAC to WAV converter for Mac?

    I like Trader's little Helper. It is easy to use, converts many formats, has the "drag and drop" feature I like, and will generate checksum files for the hardcores. And it's free However, you can't queue up a bunch of tasks at once and (as far as I know) it only works with Windows.
  9. Random Thoughts v.3

    On a teacher's salary?
  10. Random Thoughts v.3

    Hello all! I am a public school teacher in the US. So far this year we have had many shootings at or very near public schools. While the political extremists on the left and right race to defend their political positions, I am left wondering what to do to defend myself and my students. Sure, I keep my classroom door closed and locked (it makes the A/C and heater work better!) unlike many of my colleagues. But I'm not allowed to have any "weapons" in my classroom, I was even told that I should not have a pocket knife on campus since it is a weapon (lame little 3 inch folding knife!). I do have a bow since we have after school activities that include archery, but that won't do much good against a modern semi auto rifle. We were informed two years ago that the school l district "reserves the right" to search any car in the parking lot with dogs, there went my back up plan!
  11. What are you watching on TV now?

    Guilty pleasure, I'm marathoning Trailer Park Boys
  12. What's the weather like where you are?

    Super windy in the East Bay Hills last night, but no damage this morning. Now it's already 50 F and clear at 9 AM, should be a beautiful day!
  13. Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

  14. Nitpicking Page on 3/21/75

    I'll bet it's a look into how Jimmy Page sees these live recordings!
  15. Nitpicking Page on 3/21/75

    Yep! That's called "Music Magic(k)", ya gotta get out there and work the crowd, take risks, dare to fuck up! That's when you make contact with the other world, become an artist, and make up something NEW. Here's Zappa's view on the subject: jump to 13:00
  16. The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP Edwin Hawkins, he penned the Gospel classic "Oh Happy Day", he was dissed by the "church" for his secular ways but he went on to create what is now called "urban contemporary" gospel. I went to his memorial services last night and WOW! I haven't been to church for a while and these older preachers are absolute MASTERS at what they do! Praise the Lord! http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2018/02/07/church-hosts-2nd-night-of-all-star-gospel-tribute-to-edwin-hawkins/
  17. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Gentlemen, Can you please respect the forum rules about political topics. It seems that the two of you tend to impose your (rather extreme) politics onto nearly EVERY topic you reply to. If you must behave as such, please use the personal messenger function. Thanks, Chef Free
  18. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    I wish you guys were here, sitting out front, blasting some bootlegs, drinking a few beers, and enjoying legal weed! If yer ever up this way gimme a PM and we'll see what we can do!
  19. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Here's some pictures from the pulled pork smoking! 9+ lbs. pork shoulder, smoked over a hardwood (almond) fire, at 275 F for 8 hours. It was my second try at a all wood fire, so I ran it hotter than usual so I could get that sweet clear-blue smoke! Nice weather for February< welcome to California! The rig, a reverse flow type from Oklahoma Joe's, very well built and available for a good price too! Getting a wood fire to burn at a steady heat for eight hours is a pretty neat trick! I learned to ADD wood when the fire got too hot... Starting to get some bark! Ya gotta have a cool place to hang out if you are going to tend the smoker for so long, beer and music help a lot! Keeping the meat moist makes the smoke stick, I'm spraying it with rye whiskey (between sips!) The final product, what a nice bark! I was able to slide the shoulder bone with one pull... Here ya go! My daughter made the slaw and she decided my hot and sweet slaw was in "competition" with the pork flavors so she made a traditional slaw. I made the sauces, two kinds, hot and Chef Free hot.
  20. What show or live song are you listening to now?

    No, I screwed up, it's Liverpool 1973. I listened to Belfast 1971 right before it and I got a bit confused...
  21. What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Liverpool '71, not the greatest recording but the band is feeling it!
  22. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Smoking outside today! We're having our usual February "false spring" and it's 73 F outside. And of course drinks! How else could I wait the hours it takes to smoke a shoulder? And yes there is a stereo out there too, and, yes, Led Zeppelin is playing...
  23. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Today looks like a day to smoke a pork shoulder and make pulled pork! I'm going to try to use a wood fire this time, that means a hotter fire about 275 F compared to my usual 225 F. I'd never smoke beef at that temp but pork is hard to ruin. I'll rub it with my homemade pork rub (brown sugar, paprika, salt, pepper, garlic, onion, and cumin), smoke it to 200 F, then pull it and add a little home made sauce (tomato sauce, apple cider vinegar, molasses, and spices). I make a spicy, mayo-less slaw and serve it on rolls with pickles and peppers. I'll add some pictures when I'm done.
  24. The pub

    An IPA and a shot of bourbon, please!
  25. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    I've never met up with anyone from this forum. But I've always thought that it would be pretty cool. I'm here in the East San Francisco Bay Area and I love to listen to live Zeppelin, drink beer and smoke BBQ. Maybe we could hang out sometime... PM me!