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  1. "Try and dress to the right." Great interview and he looks really good.
  2. On your first point: I am aware the tour for 'Raising Sand' was already in the works. However, he seemed receptive to something Zep related after the completion of that tour. But when the tour ended he went back to not having any interest in the Zeppelin thing and was eager to do a follow-up record with Alison. Which is fine. I loved that record and all Robert's other solo efforts. The point I'm trying to make is that he should not get fans hopes up (not mine personally cause as I've said I don't need a Zeppelin reunion.) I understand why some Zep fans get really frustrated with Robert. If the
  3. I adore Robert Plant. I have all his solo material and have always supported the musical paths he's taken over the years. If he never reunites with Jimmy, JPJ and Jason that's okay with me. If I need my Zeppelin fix there is plenty of material for me to enjoy. I agree he doesn't owe fans anything more. The man sung nearly four hours every night in the Zeppelin days and gave his all. He was definitely earning his bread. If they were to reunite for any sort of tour, I don't think anyone will disagree that Robert's role would be the most difficult. He's still one helluva singer but he is defi
  4. To the hardcore Zep fans everything mentioned is a trademark. But I'd have to say The double-neck guitar is the one that is most memorable. A friend of mine sees that guitar and she always says, "The Jimmy Page guitar!"
  5. Here's a big story in Toronto right now... http://www.cp24.com/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20090902/090902_cyclist_past/20090902/?hub=CP24Home
  6. If it's true that's a real shitty thing to do to your fans. http://www.therockradio.com/2009/09/report-van-halen-earned-extra-1-million.html
  7. I love that tune! It's so heavy! And Vai is such a character with the silver paint hehe. Badass.
  8. FIVE!!?? Ok, tough but I'll give it a go: * Slow Dancer * Big Log * Little By Little * Tye Dye On The Highway * Come Into My Life
  9. Steve Vai is one hell of a player! I know some are put off by his on stage grandeur but I think that's just part of the Steve Vai experience. He has got the talent to back it up so the crazy outfits, and the fan blowing his hair wildly about etc...doesn't bother me in the least. Those unfamiliar with his body of work think he's just another one of those "shredder" type of players but if you've followed his carrer from beginning to the presesnt you know what a well rounded player he is and that he is much more than a "shredder." Also worth mentioning: that a friend of mine met him before a
  10. here's the full article: http://www.thestar.com/article/679835 Toronto butcher Paul Bradshaw's phone has been ringing with calls from outraged family in Scotland, all wanting to tell him the offensive news: The English are now claiming they invented haggis. Och aye, haggis, the Scots' national dish of sheep heart, liver and lungs cooked with oatmeal in the animal's stomach, the traditional meal immortalized by the much-beloved Scottish poet Robert Burns in "Address to a Haggis." A food historian is stirring up the controversy after discovering a printed reference to haggis in a r
  11. What he did was beyond wrong and inhumane. But does he not deserve a second chance? I'm an animal lover for sure. Animals are much better than humans for many reasons...I won't go into that. But it seems to me the killing of an animal is considered a worse crime than killing a human being. Dany Heatley (of the Ottawa Senators) drove drunk and killed his buddy and team mate and it seems we've all forgotten about it and he's been playing hockey with no one making a big fuss for years. I'm just saying....I'm no fan of his but if we were ever in his position we'd all hope for a second chance.
  12. J.P Ricciardi is a dillhole and should have his eyes pecked out by pigeons. This year alone with the Halladay fiasco and now practically giving Alex away...oh yeah...so they have more to spend on other players. But who the hell would want to play here with that dillhole as G.M? He's a slimey, weasel-faced, dillhole. WHY is he still G.M? Why? One good reason. I feel your pain slagfarmer. A promising start gave us false hope...the World Series team reunion last week was what it was all about. When the Jays were untouchable.
  13. This is probably my favourite Michael Jackson song... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Hg-IRZk4D0
  14. I'm not looking to start a cyber spat with you. I know you're very opinionated and on occasion I do agree with some of your opinions. However, I think the above comment is harsh and unfair. Nothing about his "extra-curriculars" was ever proven. He settled out of court. So? It may look like it was a gesture of guilt but again, MAYBE. He had WAY too much plastic surgery and he looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. So? That automatically makes him a pedophile? Naive? Yes he was. Very much so for not seeing things the way a grown man ought to. An easy target for such accusations? Cl
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