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  1. Here's a big story in Toronto right now... http://www.cp24.com/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20090902/090902_cyclist_past/20090902/?hub=CP24Home
  2. FIVE!!?? Ok, tough but I'll give it a go: * Slow Dancer * Big Log * Little By Little * Tye Dye On The Highway * Come Into My Life
  3. Regarding The CUPE 416 strike in Toronto: It seems like only yesterday Union Local 416 CUPE was going on strike in Toronto. I think all these employess are incredibly selfish making ridiculous demands (18 sick days....are you effing serious?) and ruining the beginning of summer with stinky piles of garbage lining the streets. In these tough economic times, most people are glad to have jobs. I think these emplyess of CUPE 416 ought to be ashamed. What makes me even madder is the fact that our tax dollars (as Torontonians) are paying for services we are not receiving. Seems ever since David Miller has taken over Toronto, it's one strike after another...Toronto USED to be a great city. What the hell happened?
  4. Ann Wilson, Janis Joplin and TINA TURNER for the rock genre. Others: Joni Mitchell (early folk style... not a fan of her current "I smoked-way-too-damn-much" voice and it's sad cause her voice was so pure and lovely) Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Annie Lennox, Alison Krauss (her duet album with a "certain" golden-maned fella really made me notice her ) As for some current choices Amy Winehouse (when she isn't completely plastered and/or high. When she's mildly plastered and/or high she does ok) There's also a great British singer, Thea Gilmore and her voice is great.
  5. I chose Ten Years Gone. Even though I really like Thank You and I think it's a really sweet song, it sort of echoes a lot of sentiments found in a lot of other songs. In other words, TYG is a little more original. Besides the line "We are eagles of one nest, the nest is in our souls" alone is a great line.
  6. My first thought upon hearing those idiots is first..they are idiots. Obviously. I got upset and after a few minutes I realized it's a waste of time getting upset because it is afterall FOX NEWS. Did I expect anything intelligent to come from those mouths? Didn't think so. Just another example of how clueless some of our neighbours to the south are about us. I like how they tried to play it off like it was a joke and that the program is meant to be satirical and blah blah...I wonder if they'd think it was funny had it been a Canadian news program making those comments.
  7. While I consider myself a Chris Cornell fan, and own mostly everything he has put out there, I will not be purchasing his new CD. Heard/saw the video for one of the songs and I couldn't stop cringing. I'm glad he's still recording and if this new direction is where he wants to go more power to him.
  8. Hey Misty! Tim Horton's is like the "Dunkin Donuts of Canada." Every block has a Tim Horton's. Their coffee is cheap and tastes great and after a lousy night's sleep it was the best part of my day!! Us Canadians are a bit nuts when it comes to Tim Horton's
  9. A cup of Tim Horton's coffee! That makes me happy everyday but today even more so than usual for some reason.
  10. Yes indeed! I wonder if it's going to be stuff from TSRTS or HTWWW? I'll tune in to make sure. Thanks Roxie!
  11. Another classic: Moby Dick. It seems a bit more challenging a read.
  12. Well done!! I have NEVER seen this one before!!
  13. I know!!! What's wrong with some of these Torontonian Zep fans?? I'd rather have 'Whole Lotta Love' over those two songs...that's the other one in heavy rotation on the mighty Q but I love that one and therefore don't mind it.
  14. Purchased TSRTS on vinyl last week and listened to it, finally, today. It was beautiful.
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