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  1. Jimmy Page is more than just a guitarist. He is like, a musical genius. I don't really understand why Jimi Hendrix is so highly regarded. I love his music, don't get me wrong, but he was always so inconsistent, which made for a bunch of noise! Jimi Hendrix doing a rendition of The Beatles Day Tripper was amazing though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIbRgVQMjbQ He also learned Sgt. Pepper within like two days of it's release, and played it at what was it? Isle of Wight? That is epic. They are both amazing for different reasons, but I prefer Pagey. [Which may be biased, because Led
  2. I haven't been on in AGES. And then, what better place to come back to? He looked adorable at the Grammys!
  3. WHEN PEOPLE READ OVER YOUR SHOULDER. GOD THAT PISSSES ME OFF... Sometimes I just want to type something to offend them, and see if they read it and get mad.... IM GONNA DO IT.
  4. When people talk talk talk talk through movies... When people 'shmack' when they chew...
  5. When people complain about stuff they do, all of the time! D:
  6. When people claim to like things they don't know the first thing about it. When you are trying to explain something to someone, and they continue to say "I know...I know...I know.." NO YOU DON'T SHUT UP, SIT DOWN, AND LET ME FINISH! XD
  7. I love Family Guy, so much. I don't care much for American Dad! I am watching Family Guy right now! XD
  8. Yes! -sniffle- We used to build forts! And then put blankets in them. Back in the day XD But then I had to move to California. HYE drank a whole liter of soda in one sitting?
  9. YES! It's hauntingly uncanny how close George and Dhani are. In my Fashion Rocks supplement, they did a shoot where Dhani was wearing a ton of the clothes that George wore in the late 60's and it was like, it was George! o.O I just might have to go haunt him down, cause he is so hot.
  10. No. I am to emetophobic to eat unfamiliar foods! XD XD Have you ever played video games all day, until your eyes were burning?
  11. I am reading Eclipse. It's one of the Twilight books.
  12. I can read a 600 page novel in one day. I am such a book-worm.
  13. It's awesome because they make the necks easier for girls to grip! They make it like smaller or something. However, I DONT APPROVE. I can play a regular guitar! XD
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