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  1. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead Stone Temple Pilots Marcus King Band - Highly recommended if you're a fan of Allman Brothers influenced music.
  2. If you appreciate smart pop music. Neither the greatest sound nor video but this is unreleased from a band that has some buzz in Vancouver. I really like the song at the 21:20 mark.
  3. The tape hiss makes me think the song was bounced too many times in its creation and this is the cause of the dullness as well.
  4. Immigrant song is the most poorly produced song in their catalog. It sounds dull and the amount of tape hiss at the beginning of the song is awful.
  5. I'm not sure about in the mid to late 60's but my kid, a very aspirational artist is not influence in any way by anyone within ten tears of his age. He may steal and pervert an idea by a more current artist but in no way influenced. Influence takes years to seep in and most likely only truly from one's teenage years.
  6. I'd add Ten Years Gone to that list. I adore the shit out of the 1977 and Knebworth versions but more more for what Jimmy was able to accomplish than finished product. Surprised P&P didn't take this a central song as the additional guitar(s) is truly needed,
  7. Jimmy Jimmy sounds so relaxed on Live at the Greek. A time she sounds very tentative on Celebration Day. Jimmy's tone on LatG is out of this world. Fucker was dialed in. I've never been a fan of Jason's drumming. He's not bad but he rides the shit out of his Dad's coattails. He has really good pocket and groove but so do a thousand other drummers. I didn't think there was an underlying funk to Michael Lee's playing (hence dumbing down some songs) but like him more Jason. ML supports vocals very nicely and I love his dynamics. He does more than hit hard.
  8. I love the band but much like The War On Drugs, the latest album shows absolutely no growth. Stagnant but still good in the 'if you like trick, you'll like the pony' kind of way.
  9. Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes Live is a better release than Celebration Day. Jimmy has tenfold the guitarist on Live at the Greek as on Celebration Day. Gorman is a better drummer with Jimmy than Jason Bonham. Celebration Day should never have been labelled a Led Zeppelin record as it didn't have John Bonham.
  10. I love Buddy Guy and saw him over ten years ago and he was already 50% shtick back then. Such a great catalog to choose from and such a great guitarist when he wants to be yet he just goofs and guffaws for half the show or more.
  11. The biggest mistake Jimmy made as a producer was not including his outro solo in All of My Love. The solo transforms the song to so much more than what is on record. Hot Dog was a D'yer Mak'r like cut that was not executed nearly as well, with Bonham being the weak link.
  12. Bonham brought all the technicality to the music that was required. We will never know if there was more to him than he was able to put to use in Led Zeppelin. An expert uses the technique required to get the job done, Bonham did that in spades. Within his genre he is the most revered drummer there is, and only Keith Moon was more original within the genre. Charlie Watts does nothing flashy and I have no idea about his technique but his feel for the Stones is immaculate. Joe Bonamassa is a guitarist I love and plays with flawless technique. I have never heard him hit a bad note live. Yet I yearn for him to play with a little less technique and a little more feel or haphazard. If you're not wiping out once in a while how can you be sure you are pushing yourself and your music.
  13. What about the ability to come up with drum beats that millions of people all over the world instantly recognize? There aren't much than a handful or two of those beats, and Bonham has three or four of them. There's so much more to Bonham than barbarianism.
  14. It's a really strong album but not much growth. I am looking forward to seeing them in May.
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