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  1. Hi. Hope your doing well.

  2. four sticks . I just think the riff is amazing
  3. ha ha no its the broken skin off my bongo drum :lol:
  4. your right he is a type one diabetic.. like me
  5. this album is amazing . its really bluesy .its a must have . thats coming from a fourteen year old classic rock fan who cant stand most of todays music
  6. im going to see paul mccartney in june
  7. Lets Try To Stay Positive And See What Happens. Lets just say that it would be top of the shopping list for me if it did happen
  8. Whoooooo My Dad Went To The Famous concert on the 11th he said that it was the best concert that he went to
  9. Thinks Led Zeppelin Rule The WORLD!!!

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