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  1. Hi. Hope your doing well.

  2. im going to see paul mccartney in june
  3. Thinks Led Zeppelin Rule The WORLD!!!

  4. ac/dc are 10 times better than aerosmith but everyone has different opinions my favourite ac/dc album has to be powerage or high voltage. and i think bon scott choked on his own vomit R.I.P Bon P.S not as good as zepp ,sabbath or rush though
  5. Thanks for adding me, mate.

  6. guitarists 1.jimmy page 2.ritchie blackmore 3.eric clapton 4.angus young 5.keith ritchards drummers 1.john bonham 2.lars ulrich 3.phil collins 4.mitch mitchell 5.phill rudd
  7. everyone has different opinions let him like acdc i love acdc. zepp and acdc are the best bands around
  8. my dad has a japaneese import single of black country woman and trampled under foot
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