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  1. hey welcome to the forum

  2. Stagger Lee shot Billy Lyons

  3. truthfully i love every song but at the moment it's "Ten Years Gone" just got out of a relationship so it picks me up. how about you

  4. is back! (if anybody really cares)

  5. at least paul is shorter than Yngwie Malmsteen :)

  6. i have a beagle named Paul after Paul McCartney

    how about you

  7. awesome so whats your second favorite band

  8. um yep i'm in a band i play guitar, piano/organ, i dabble a bit on the drums and i sing

  9. A band Called "The Black Keys" they are second only to zeppelin

  10. good how about yours?

  11. St. Louis, my grandfather lives out there great place

  12. Thanks i think your awesome too

  13. i'm also a black keys fan their awesome

  14. always great to meet someone that has things in common with me great to have you as friend

  15. thanks for the compliment

  16. dig the essay up there man

  17. a world without monty python means i have no inspiration for my job

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