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  1. Down With The Sickness~Disturbed
  2. So I've heard... No. HYE eaten octopus?
  3. ^^^ What the hell? You never come in this thread... No, not that I recall... HYE had the urge to sky dive?
  4. LedZepChick


    I really like Blue Moon. I also like Heineken, Stella Artois, and Corona...
  5. Time To Get Alone~The Beach Boys
  6. Here ya go... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1b73fpJXJ0
  7. I'm Bound To Pack It Up~The White Stripes
  8. The Fool On The Hill~The Beatles
  9. Black Country Woman~Led Zeppelin
  10. There's still several inches of snow on the ground left over from 2 days ago. Currently, snow flurries and 19 degrees. I miss summer!!
  11. I just knocked over a large glass of wine and made a huge mess!!
  12. Flippin' cold, a little bit of snow on the ground...30 degrees.
  13. That's hilarious!! Sincerely, Another fan of the Big Q
  14. The Fool On The Hill~The Beatles
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