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  1. LedZepChick

    BOOK: Led Zeppelin Revealed

    I have this book, as well...Picked it up rather cheaply at Barnes & Noble a couple years ago around Christmas. Haven't read all the way through it, but the photos are really nice.
  2. LedZepChick

    Song Name Game

    Down With The Sickness~Disturbed
  3. LedZepChick

    The New White Stripes Movie

    I keep forgetting to order this!!
  4. LedZepChick

    Dave Grohl To Present John Bonham Documentary

    I'm listening to it right now...Awesome documentary!!
  5. LedZepChick

    Have You Ever.........?

    So I've heard... No. HYE eaten octopus?
  6. LedZepChick

    Have You Ever.........?

    ^^^ What the hell? You never come in this thread... No, not that I recall... HYE had the urge to sky dive?
  7. LedZepChick

    Have You Ever.........?

    Yes HYE had to read Paradise Lost?
  8. LedZepChick


    I really like Blue Moon. I also like Heineken, Stella Artois, and Corona...
  9. LedZepChick

    Song Name Game

    Time To Get Alone~The Beach Boys
  10. LedZepChick

    Finding Led Zeppelin in unrelated places

    Here ya go... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1b73fpJXJ0
  11. LedZepChick

    Song Name Game

    I'm Bound To Pack It Up~The White Stripes
  12. LedZepChick

    Have You Ever.........?

    Yes! HYE been snow boarding?
  13. LedZepChick

    Song Name Game

    The Fool On The Hill~The Beatles
  14. LedZepChick

    What is your name?

    Lisa Lisa...
  15. LedZepChick

    Is It Snowing Where Your At?

    6 inches on the way...I can hardly wait.
  16. LedZepChick

    Available at Newstands (Nearly) Everywhere

    Barnes and Noble, here I come...
  17. LedZepChick

    Is It Snowing Where Your At?

    Nothing too exciting...2-3 inches.
  18. LedZepChick

    Pamela Des Barres' "I'm With The Band" on HBO

    I've read her book several times, and I remember when there was talk about a movie coming out. Ugh, I'm trying to remember, as well. It's like on the tip of my tongue...
  19. LedZepChick

    Past Lives

    Yeah, I believe that I do. I think it's really interesting how people become inexplicably drawn to certain time periods in history, or feel a strong affinity to a particular geographic region. All I know is that I've felt an unexplained familiarity with a particular country and a particular time era of history from age 14. Could it just be something I became really interested in? Sure. Who knows, really...
  20. LedZepChick

    Song Name Game

    Black Country Woman~Led Zeppelin
  21. LedZepChick

    Thank You All Very Much!

    Dzl, just saw this thread. That's wonderful news!! Congrats, congrats and lots of good stuff for the future!!
  22. LedZepChick

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    I have this blasting at the moment...
  23. Happy Birthday, Mr. Page!!
  24. LedZepChick

    What's the weather like where you are?

    There's still several inches of snow on the ground left over from 2 days ago. Currently, snow flurries and 19 degrees. I miss summer!!