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  1. I love Led Zeppelin because their music is timeless, people could listen to one of their albums a hundred years from now. Led Zeppelin didnt make many of their songs, but what they did to those songs is something special. They accomplished all these things in a little less than 12 years, just imagine what they could have done in 30 Robert Plant's vocals give me the chills, after years of hearing his voice Jimmy Page's guitar riffs and solos still make me air guitar and look like a fool ( i play the real guitar, but im even more embarassed by my real guitar skills). John Paul Jones beats are still cool and funky, he was a perfectionists, you would almost never see him miss a note And John Bonhams drum skills are still amazing. My favorite drum performances by him are Kashmir and Moby Dick (RIP BONZO) There is a reason Led Zeppelin is my favorite band, the mixture of these four great musicians is just amazing Im the only one of my friends that like them though, they are all posers who cant name ONE SONG Led Zeppelin is something great for all ages From people that are 80 to people that are 13, like me
  2. when you go 1 month without talking to your best friend because they dont know who john bonham is when you have older music on your ipod than your dad Both of those are true
  3. im 13... im angry that the led zeppelin tshirts in stores are always to big
  4. MOBY DICK OR HEARTREAKER moby dick because of the kick ass drum solo heartbreaker because of the riff
  5. For me 1. Dazed and Confused 2.No Quarter 3.In the Evening 4.Houses of The Holy 5.Achilles Last Stand 6.Kashmir 7.Moby Dick 8. Communication Breakdown 9.Stairway to Heaven 10.Whole lotta love I love them all, but this is my top 10
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