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  1. Any idea on this one? It's strung for a left hand player if you look close.
  2. Hey Steve, I just came across something about new footage being found of Jimmy doing a session with Hendrix in February of 69. I know it sounds far fetched plus Jimmy has said he and Hendrix were only ever in the same room at a night club but never talk. Have you heard anything about this?
  3. Yea I had read somewhere about this conversation happening and George commenting about how young John Paul was.
  4. Cool, I was 99.9% sure it was but with all the fake stuff out there you can never be too sure.
  5. Hey Steve, have you heard this recording and do you know if it is real? Apparently while recording a Beatles session someone asked George about the new Led Zeppelin album and the conversation was caught on tape.
  6. There is a video on youtube that has someone doing the whole breakdown in the middle part almost note for note, I don't think it's a lesson but it's about as close as you'll probably get.
  7. Hey Steve, I just read an article saying that John Paul Jones played on some of the ARMS dates. I have never seen him in any of the footage nor have i ever seen it stated in any other place that he did. I'm pretty sure he did not play any dates. Are you able to confirm this?
  8. From what I have read, Gibson could have cared less when building those guitars and did very very minimal research. Who knows what the truth is. There is a 60's burst on ebay right now, I'm sure there are plenty of people who think that is beano!
  9. I have trouble believing it never existed since there are pictures of it being used during the recording of the beano album. A lot of people do confuse this with the 1960 Les Paul he bought from Andy Summers. This is from a member of lefpaulforum: tom, i'm sorry that this won't be a very satisfying answer, and i respectfully (and i really do mean respectfully) am not open to discussing revealing how or for how long it's been that i had occasion to become aware of definitive proof that the beano burst was/is in fact a '59. i'm fairly certain that any further elaboration would create, at the very least, a somewhat touchy situation. i hope and imagine that you can understand that i can not (and am in fact bound not to) inaugurate such a possibly touchy situation. i can however, and will say that the guitar bears a 9 xxxx serial number. goddamn...that felt good. that's it.
  10. Spot on about the keith burst, however, all I can say and know about Beano is that it has been confirmed a 59 by someone who has seen private pictures of it. I know how it sounds but I'm only going by what the so called experts say on this. Very intriguing story though.
  11. The Beano Burst is the one used for the Bluesbreakers, a lot of people confuse it with the "sommersburst" which was used on Fresh Cream. The Beano burst never made it to the stage with Cream, it was stolen right before there first show. If you check out lespaulforum there is a wealth of really cool information.
  12. The Beano is a 59 for sure and is 100% not the guitar from Greece or Bernie Marsden's. He did buy a 1960 Burst from Andy Summers of the Police after his was stolen and also borrowed Kieth Richards Burst with the Bigsby. Apparently there are a handful of people close to Eric who know where the guitar is and that it is in fact still in London. Just wanted to know if Steve had heard this rumor and maybe had some insight. I personally don't believe it, but any information would be cool either way.
  13. Thanks Steve, I've always wondered every time I see that picture if he was waiting to hear where is guitar had gone. Speaking of guitars, I heard a really wild story on a Les Paul Forum that apparently Eric Clapton's stolen Beano Les Paul is actually Jimmy's 59 that he received from Joe Walsh. Sounds a bit odd but I thought maybe you would have some insight to this extravagant rumor. Thanks.
  14. I know this is old, but would this also be when Jimmy found out his Les Paul did not arrive at the airport? Thanks Steve.
  15. This photo is from the book stairway to heaven and yes, that is Cole next to Jimmy. The other guy is "the red baron". If I remember correctly this is Germany 1970, I let my friend borrow the book so I can't look it up.
  16. I believe this is Dave Pegg from "A way of Life"
  17. I thought this was Julie Felix, but I'm not quite sure.
  18. does anyone know about this picture?
  19. I posted pictures on the previous page of jimmy wearing the same outfit as in the first picture about and I've seen others as well. Apparently it was may 31st 1969
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