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  1. There are also historical studies that suggest cannibalism was common among prehistoric people. In so many aspects we moved away from our ancenstors, we no longer live in caves, we no longer hunt for survival and barely anyone would suggest to live in caves because our ancestors did it. But why do people insist on eating meat because our ancestors did so? We no longer need to eat it, and I guess people insist on eating meat simply because they're used to it and think it's tasty.
  2. Exactly. Of course, like all other living forms, they react to their enviroment but they have no central nervous system. And I might add that a plant-based diet kills less plants - someone who eats meat and plants kills more plants since the animals they eat are fed with plants.
  3. It really, really depends. Before I went full vegetarian, then vegan, I ate fish because factory farming was and is my main concern. Many species of fish are endangered due to being overfished, and aquaculture is no alternative either since it demands a lot of water, fish are fed antibiotics as well (especially shrimps) and it can lead to endangerment of those fish who are fed the farmed fishes. I think the only more or less ethical way to eat fish is either to fish yourself or to specifically look for fish with a MSC-label. I am not into that topic, but there are lists online and even smartphone apps which inform consumers which fish can be bought safely. Thanks to fishing restrictions some populations have increased. However, for someone who considers it generally wrong to kill animals for food, it is not.
  4. Actually, in some parts of the world consumption of meat has always been criticised, many practising Hindus don't eat meat for religious reasons. Also some philosophers discussed the issues regarding eating animals. There just has been a recent increase in discussions. Also I don't know how many vegetarians/vegans you know, many of my friends and co-students follow such a diet and are most definitely not bitter.
  5. But isn't there a difference between the death of a carrot and the death of an animal? Plants aren't sentient. And I might add that if a death isn't necessary, does it make it a justified death? The examples of cannibalism in extreme situations are something entirely different than deciding to eat animals just for the taste. I myself wonder if eating animals for survival is not necessary, does that make it justifiable to cage and kill them? And furthermore, if we want to eat them, does it have to be under such conditions? If people ate less meat and bought local, we wouldn't enter the issue of factory farming. I must admit that I find taste to be a poor excuse to let animals suffer from the cruelties of factory farming. Regarding survival of the fittest - that principle doesn't work. We don't hunt and thus don't participate in a competition for food. Farming food instead has nothing to do with survival of the fittest. It is not a sign of superiority if we cage animals and then kill them, since they are stripped off the chance to fight back or flee.
  6. Teeth? All mammals have teeth, does that mean that horses or cows are carnivores?
  7. Actually more people could be fed if the land is used for agriculture instead of farming animals. A steak demands a lot more resources than a veggie stir fry, and the rain forest is being logged down for kettle. Either the cows are fed with large amounts of food that is edible to humans, too, or they need large fields of grassland. The enormous demand of meat raise prices for corn and grains to feed the livestock, which are a basic staple in the diet of many people in developing countries who no longer can afford their food anymore. A lot could be done by eating less meat. But of course, factory farming is just devastating. I try to buy local and seasonal all of the time. Not to mention how much water and energy needs to be used to convert a cow into meat.
  8. Somewhat relevant and I enjoyed reading that: http://logs.omegle.com/e9736e According to this bloke, anyone living in their shit has to be slaughtered.
  9. My classes for this semester are awesome :3 And I have Tuesdays off.
  10. I known this is a controversial topic, so I wish everyone to stay civil in this debate. Opponents of meat consumption argue that the production of meat and other animal products has a negative environmental impact, that modern factory farming is very cruel and that taste is not a legitimation to cage and/or kill animals. Supporters argue that it is tasty, that it is part of their culture and that vegetarianism/veganism may come with malnourishment. I don't add points like "we are on top of the food chain" since we buy in supermarkets in most of the cases and thus are not participating in a food chain. If we hunted our meat, we would. Another point supporters bring is that we would have canine teeth, which in fact we don't have. I probably sound biased (I'm a vegan), but our anatomy is more on the omnivorous site with strong signs pointing towards a mainly plant-based diet. Those pointy teeth we have are rather cute compared to the teeth of true carnivores like felines. Our teeth are very similar to those of other apes like chimps and gorillas, who live almost exclusively vegan except for insects. Bringing up one of these points in a debate don't seem valid. We in fact can not kill other animals with our jars, which true carnivores can. I myself lived vegetarian over a year before I decided to go vegan. My main concerns are, as mentioned above, the environmental impact of raising kettle and livestock and the practices under which most of the meat is produced nowadays. I understand where the other site is coming from since I ate meat, dairy and eggs most of my life. And, to clear up common misconceptions, I am not malnourished and have plenty yummy food to now on. Of course following a vegan diet is not suitable for everyone, people living in rural areas may have difficulties purchasing vegan products and people with certain food allergies would have difficulties only consuming plant protein. However, other than taking are of my b12-intake (which I do with marmite and vegan products like soy and rice milk, non-dairy yoghurt and vegan pudding which are all enriched in vitamin b12) I don't have to plan to eat healthy. Iron is found in sugar beet syrup, red beet, nuts, some fruits chick peas and leafy greens. Calcium is found in tofu, again leafy greens, mineral water and nuts and grains. I just add this inb4 any questions regarding my health. So, what is your opinion on meat? I think the only legitimate way of eating meat is hunting and fishing, and eggs and dairy from local, super-small scale farms where you can be 100% sure the animals are treated right.
  11. Here is another cool bar that I found there.....die Bar mit dem Fluss im Tresen (lots of cool jamsessions going on there)

  12. Ow fuck.....just saw you had your birthday not so long ago, well best wishes to you even if it's a bit late. Hope everything is fine in Berlin, have you already been to the Tacheles??

  13. I didn't take my TV to my new place. Don't miss it at all.
  14. Finally, I have internet at my new place. Telephon isn't fixed yet, argh.
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