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  1. My classes for this semester are awesome :3 And I have Tuesdays off.
  2. Here is another cool bar that I found there.....die Bar mit dem Fluss im Tresen (lots of cool jamsessions going on there)

  3. Ow fuck.....just saw you had your birthday not so long ago, well best wishes to you even if it's a bit late. Hope everything is fine in Berlin, have you already been to the Tacheles??

  4. I didn't take my TV to my new place. Don't miss it at all.
  5. Finally, I have internet at my new place. Telephon isn't fixed yet, argh.
  6. At first I was a little sad because I was no longer living at the Dutch border - but in Berlin it is just as cheap and easily avalaible The boyfriend of a friend bought some for my birthday party. Those are pretty awesome friends ~
  7. What an adorable little girl Somehow, I can't uload pictures with tinypic :< what do you use to upload your pictures? One far away day, my upload quota will be all used up. So, below are some party images attached Notice the awesome jacket! It was a splendid night. Sorry for this hge images, I yet haven't figured out how to make them smaller. I know shit about that stuff.
  8. Glückliche geburtstag mastress! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I guess if you're the mastress of procrastinate, you can call me mister procrastinate. I hope your birthday was special and you had a ROCKING day!

  9. It depends a lot on the person. Every psyche is different, so of course people react different to pot. In this case, it helped him. However, one shouldn't smoke it 24/7, some people who developed a habit of pot consumption can develop anxiety as a consequence. Occasional consumption actually can ease anxiety.
  10. I said a few times I'd be her granddaughter, that her son is my father and tried to use other references as well and mentioned my brother. But she just did not know who I was. I visit her once each month, always together with my father and brother, and my father visits her every week. Also she was at my fathers place a few weeks age because his wife had birthday and I was there, too. my dad says she probably would have recognised me if he came there with me.
  11. Well, there *might* are some places worth a visit in ye olde Europe and glad to hear that well, isn't gourmet food relative? I find falafel to be supper-yummy, which is a fast food. But, since gourmet food is overrated anyway (and duck liver and kaviar aren't vegetarian-compatible) I'll say fast foo. Love yummy falafel, veggie burgers and fries. So, meat, or no meat?
  12. no, you wouldn't. People with foreign accents are welcome ( I like dutch and scandinavian accents the best, they sound cute while speaking German) And actually we do apreciate a lot when someone tries to speak German, since we know it's a hard language for master for many people, even for native speakers. They probably wouldn't mind to help you out, Berliner are known to be friendly, though Fruit juice. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
  13. eh, weak excuse German people can speak English, though Especially in Berlin, not that it wouldn't be the largest city with many tourists and young people from everywhere are living there.... Cough syrup running down my throat all day I'm having a cold Crisps or salted sticks?
  14. My grandmother didn't recognise me as I visited her today. I dyed my hair, but she didn't recognise me by my face, voice or height and built. She was mistaking me for someone working there who has the same name as her granddaughter. As I aproached her, she asked me who I'd be. As I said my name, she only said "My granddaughter has the same name". My dad has told her that we'd gone to Berlin a few days ago to look for an apartment for me, and even though I told her the same, how I went with my dad to Berlin, she thought I'd be a stranger who'd gone there with her son. She asked me how long I'd been working there (at the nursery home).... And as I left she said again how she has a granddaughter that has the same name. Dementia isn't nice Visiting her for the last time before I move and she even doesn't recognise me.
  15. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you dooooown .... So, London or Berlin?
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