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    Led Zeppelin, U2, playing guitar, gardening, native plants, yoga
  1. eaglelover

    Up Close And Personal

    Love the top right photo of Jimmy staring at Robert.
  2. eaglelover

    Baseball discussion thread

    Detroit needs winners now, and the Tigers delivered!
  3. eaglelover

    My cover of Bron-Yr-Aur

    Very beautiful. Thanks for posting.
  4. eaglelover

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I hate this photo because it shows him destroying his talent.
  5. eaglelover

    What's the Next Concert You're Attending?

    probably Paul Simon in Chicago in November.
  6. eaglelover

    Can You Accept The Truth?

    I agree--Zeppelin is history
  7. eaglelover

    Finding Led Zeppelin in unrelated places

    One of their interns lost a TV game show because he incorrectly answer the question "This Jimmy is the greatest rock guitarist in the world", and he answered "Who is Jimmy Page?" when they wanted "Who is Jimi Hendrix". He was absolutely amazed that no one knew who Jimmy Page was. Another one: Bones, as a writer, was offered tickets to a Zeppelin concert by her publisher, but she turned them down because "she doesn't like air shows". The other characters went ballistic because she turned them down and didn't know who Led Zeppelin was.
  8. eaglelover

    Whats your favorite zeppelin moment.

    Great photos of Jimmy and Robert. Like Paul McCartney and John Lennon, they became very close to each other through the years.
  9. eaglelover

    Different Instruments

    Great photo but Jimmy is laughing.
  10. eaglelover

    Ten Years After thread

    One of the most memorable and exciting acts at Woodstock in 1969 was Ten Years After. Their frontman and lead guitarist was Alvin Lee. They rocked Woodstock!! Too bad that Led Zeppelin wasn't able to be there. Jimmy and the boys would have been able to do the same. I still remember "Going Home to My Baby".
  11. eaglelover

    Whats your favorite zeppelin moment.

    He says that "you carress a guitar like a woman" in It Might Get Loud. Watch him on stage and you believe it when he looks at his guitar.
  12. eaglelover

    olympic studio 1969

    Yes, those were good days for Jimmy, before the Stairway to Hell.
  13. eaglelover

    Misc. Pictures

    Where did these come from? I've seen several before, but the rest were a surprise.
  14. eaglelover

    Up Close And Personal

    Does Jimmy REALLY know how to golf? He looks odd without a guitar
  15. eaglelover


    This is my favorite photo of Bonzo. He looks pretty mean.