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  1. I hate this photo because it shows him destroying his talent.
  2. One of their interns lost a TV game show because he incorrectly answer the question "This Jimmy is the greatest rock guitarist in the world", and he answered "Who is Jimmy Page?" when they wanted "Who is Jimi Hendrix". He was absolutely amazed that no one knew who Jimmy Page was. Another one: Bones, as a writer, was offered tickets to a Zeppelin concert by her publisher, but she turned them down because "she doesn't like air shows". The other characters went ballistic because she turned them down and didn't know who Led Zeppelin was.
  3. One of the most memorable and exciting acts at Woodstock in 1969 was Ten Years After. Their frontman and lead guitarist was Alvin Lee. They rocked Woodstock!! Too bad that Led Zeppelin wasn't able to be there. Jimmy and the boys would have been able to do the same. I still remember "Going Home to My Baby".
  4. eaglelover


    This is my favorite photo of Bonzo. He looks pretty mean.
  5. We played the first album in my college dorm until it fell apart. Then we moved onto the second, etc. I still remember hearing Communication Breakdown the first time. We all sang it together. Still love Zeppelin. I have all the CDs.
  6. I'd ask him if he has ever explored American Indian music in depth. It seems to be the only type of music that they didn't explore.
  7. I love every bit of this photo. Too bad I wasn't there.
  8. the Milwaukee Brewers are in first place in the central national league division!!! I saw Zack Greinke pitch yesterday--WOW.
  9. You just can't take the Zeppelin out of the man, I guess. It'll be there forever.
  10. I guess you just can't take the Zeppelin out of the man, no matter what his age.
  11. Have you tried making a flyer with his picture on it and distinguishing features? You could distribute it to your neighbors. Also make sure to call the local Humane Society. He may be there. Good Luck, Eaglelover

  12. Did your cat ever come home?

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