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  1. I think most of the visitors know huge list of nearly all available boots on bootledz.com "Comparisons" list and "My Picks" are very solid and full of impressive info. Please check.
  2. Hello! Has anyone listened to the promo test pressing release of LZ III UK LP edition ( A2 / B2 )? Is it make sense?
  3. Thank you.🙂 "Make it so that they could not do otherwise, then they will believe" - Kuindzhi A. I. In fact, many parallels can be drawn with Kuindzhi. An absolutely unique artist, an unsurpassed landscape painter. The son of a shoemaker, he came to St. Petersburg with empty pockets and became a millionaire by the age of 40. In 1880, an extraordinary exhibition was opened in St. Petersburg: one painting (shown above) was shown — "Moonlit Night on the Dnieper". It was real sensation. An unprecedented exhibition of one painting was accompanied by an unprecedented excitement...
  4. It's a good idea to match music and art pieces. From my point of view, When The Levee Breaks can be compared with the refined works of Kuindzhi. Air, layering and the finest work with color (sound), at the highest level. Please, look:
  5. Hi, Steve! It looks both OSAKA 71 Shows were great. Last week had experienced Live in Japan 1971 - (GTO 928, GTO 929), this weekend would like to compare it with God Save The Queen latest version. Did you?
  6. I think it would be a good idea to organize a special festival, under the patronage of LZ, where the band's songs could be performed. Pefectly, it seems, would be the appearance on the stage of the musicians themselves, to award the best (in their opinion). Perhaps now is not the best time to do this.
  7. LIVE AT THE FORUM. LONG BEACH ARENA. JUNE 27th, 1972 Unbelivable Show, impossible to break away from start to finish...
  8. Think, its high time to release really something special, at least step by step in High Resolution audio (DSD audio) all studio works, limited edition master tapes, some concerts from soundboards on master tapes and high res DSD audio... Hope our generation, fans, who never were at live concerts or had no opportunity to be on them have the right, hope, to hear the musical material released, remastered hands of musicians in highest quality. My preferences are DSD audio and master tapes...))) I can only imagine how on master tape HOTH sounds.
  9. Richfield Coliseum 27.04.77, good soundboard recording. Since I've Been Loving You is very impressive, so good mix and aroma of blues, jazz, rock... so wonderful atmosphere.
  10. Did not ever heard about it, but have in collection OTRs of previous 27.04.1977 concert in Richfield Coliseum
  11. Nearly the same feeling, concerning 2 track master tape from Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park. I should buy it for sure, in spite of only 71/2 ips and, probably not soundboard.
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