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  1. Think, its high time to release really something special, at least step by step in High Resolution audio (DSD audio) all studio works, limited edition master tapes, some concerts from soundboards on master tapes and high res DSD audio... Hope our generation, fans, who never were at live concerts or had no opportunity to be on them have the right, hope, to hear the musical material released, remastered hands of musicians in highest quality. My preferences are DSD audio and master tapes...))) I can only imagine how on master tape HOTH sounds.
  2. Richfield Coliseum 27.04.77, good soundboard recording. Since I've Been Loving You is very impressive, so good mix and aroma of blues, jazz, rock... so wonderful atmosphere.
  3. Did not ever heard about it, but have in collection OTRs of previous 27.04.1977 concert in Richfield Coliseum
  4. Nearly the same feeling, concerning 2 track master tape from Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park. I should buy it for sure, in spite of only 71/2 ips and, probably not soundboard.
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