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  1. +1 on Achilles, but I think that the No Quarter from this show is fantastic.
  2. No Quarter 3/20/75, gonna watch Knebworth Night Two later.
  3. I listened to the 6th source, and it did sound like shit compared to the other five sources. Also, to keep focus on the thread, currently spacing out to the Harmonizer/Theremin/Pickup/Violin Bow Solo 6/27/77.
  4. White Summer/Black Mountain Side~Kashmir 7/7/1980
  5. Two for two. Currently watching the footage of 7/17/77 and later I'm gonna listen to 7/17/73.
  6. AUD or SBD remaster? Also, currently listening to 6/24/80.
  7. I'm listening to 6/23/80, what's this "For Badge Holders Only"? (lol j/k that was my first boot.)
  8. Also listening to 6/21/77! 35th anniversary after all! Currently in the middle of the Theremin section of Jimmy's solo. It's awesome aside from the butthurt guy in the audience.
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