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  1. It's 81℉ and actually feels like 85℉. Very bright and sunny. Humidity is 65%.
  2. I don't understand the logic of legalization equals the government being in the business of selling. Nor does it equal encouraging the selling of more drugs. It's like any other product that is legally allowed to be sold and consumed. Albeit with the additional age restrictions required for similar substances like alcohol or tobacco. I would actually argue marijuana is less dangerous than those long-legal substances.
  3. I figure if he sold them to Page, Page would probably be richer than Plant, yet that's not the case, so...
  4. I think Elvis preserved his voice better, probably due to superior technique. It's also a lot easier to control singing in that range as opposed to wailing in the 5th octave like Plant did. I don't think his voice change was as noticeable as Plant's. I know we're comparing them when they were around the same age, but it would have been interesting to see what Elvis would have sounded like in his late 40s, 50s and 60s like we have with Plant. I suspect his voice would have aged well because of his technique and style. Plant of course can still sing his ass off, but he prefers not to sing in the 70s style, softer stuff is easier on his aging voice.
  5. I've always thought Celebration Day was one of his best live solos, just the live song in general is a lot better than the studio version.
  6. I think I'll go with Ten Years Gone, although Kashmir is close. The Rover is also one of their best. Houses of The Holy is a classic riff. Sick Again is a really cool song too, even if it's not really great.
  7. 1. LZII 2. LZIV 3. Physical Graffiti 4. LZI 5. House of The Holy 6. LZIII 7. Presence 8. In Through The Out Door
  8. Page wasn't sloppy until '75 or so and especially '77 and later during live performances. Around 1973 was probably his peak. Plant's peak as a live singer was around 1968-71. The early 70s was a great time to see them live.
  9. Just watched the most recent episode. Best episode of the season so far, IMHO. I bet the ratings will be HUGE next episode. They already had a big ratings jump for the last episode. Looks like all hell is about to break loose...
  10. One thing I'd like to point out is that he probably wouldn't have gotten all that session work before LZ if he had always been sloppy. He was clearly one of the best guitarists working in London in those days. The sloppiness came years later from being burned out from the road and all the pitfalls associated with it, and then later on from falling out of practice. But he definitely wasn't always a sloppy player.
  11. Ten Years Gone. Seriously underrated solo. The melodic rhythm guitar that accompanies the solo is also sensational. Very underrated song overall, besides the solo.
  12. Led Zeppelin: "Good Times Bad Times", "Dazed and Confused" Led Zeppelin II: "What Is and What Should Never Be", "Heartbreaker" Led Zeppelin III: "Tangerine", "That's the Way" Led Zeppelin IV: "Misty Mountain Hop", "Going to California" Houses of the Holy: "Over the Hills and Far Away", "The Ocean" Physical Graffiti: "Ten Years Gone", "Kashmir" Presence: "Achilles Last Stand", "For Your Life" In Through the Out Door: "In the Evening", "All My Love"
  13. I find it funny that this guy signed up here just to post this.
  14. I've barely ever listened to them. Led Zeppelin blows them out of the water, IMHO.
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