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  1. Great pictures. I recently saw one of the ones of Page with that cigarette ash like the grandmother's in "Sixteen Candles" on another site, but not the rest. And I certainly didn't know the backstory. Thanks so much for posting them.
  2. Indeed. All you need to do is listen to the rehearsals for the fourth album to hear how hard they worked on it. It's a fascinating listen !
  3. ^^^She's certainly right about that!
  4. Scientists usually say that astrology charts and people who read them to others tell people the things they want to hear, which I think is pretty much true. While not a huge believer in astrology, I do find it intriguing.
  5. Can't pick just one!! The Rain Song (especially live) Bron-yr-Aur (again, live - check out the version on "Blueberry Hill" 9/4/70) Ten Years Gone Down By The Seaside That's The Way Going To California And...In The Light.
  6. I bought Walking Into Clarksdale the day it came out - had to drive a pretty long ways to get it, because I was living in VERY rural Virginia at the time. When I popped it into my cd player, I really enjoyed it for the most part. Still do. My take on it was that it was a pretty solid representation of where Page and (more so) Plant were at the time. Like many before me said, the absence of a lot of guitar solos stuck out to me, but the fact that really shone through to me was that it really seemed that they weren't trying to be Led Zeppelin all over again, and that was a bold move. A move that I would've expected from them one hundred percent. And where Jimmy wasn't soloing as much, there was still a lot of intriguing things happening guitar-wise on that album. I love the spooky sound he gets on Heart In Your Hand. Sure, any guitarist can get that effect, but Page is the only one who can bring that feel, that spooky sort of sound to it. Burnin' Up - wow, can the grand sorcerer of the magic guitar still play! Incredible Page handiwork there. Most High is hypnotic and very powerful. Great lyrics and vocals from Robert. I still skip Upon A Golden Horse every time. But for the most part, I like Walking Into Clarksdale. It was exciting to hear new music from two members of my favorite all time band at the time, and it's great to pull and listen from time to time now.
  7. Scorpio. Chinese: Dog ("Metal" Dog) THE METAL DOG 1910 AND 1970 "Metal Dogs have extremely high standards and expect a lot of themselves and of others. They are loyal and hold a strong outlook about the direction they want their life to take. They choose their friends and causes with care, as they do not plan to ever not support these people and things again. Once they have committed themselves, there is little to no turning back. They are bold, unafraid to disagree out loud about anything they feel is unjust or unfair. Metal Dogs are easily stressed if a plan does not go accordingly. They find it difficult to relax when there are things to be done." Close enough.
  8. I've been sticking with some of the Europe 1973 stuff lately...Hamburg 3/21/73 is just incredible!!
  9. I like Outrider quite a bit. It has some great Page moments and some fine playing. I'll tell ya, I saw his show on the Outrider tour in Worcester, MA 10/29/88 (with Plant wearing a Celtics cap in the audience) and his guitar playing was incredibly good. Better than some of the 1975 shows and certainly more fluid and dynamic than most of 1977 on. He was really amazing!!
  10. Same here. A house built in the 1400's is bound to have a vibe when you walk into it!
  11. What an amazing-looking place. You can't get much of a feel for it from the opening scenes of the movie, but these postcards and pictures do it justice. Just the type of place that I'd imagine Peter living in!
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