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  1. This needs an edit, I think . . . . Fixed.
  2. Only a real W diehard could think that there was anywhere to go from the Bush Admin but up.
  3. And there's a little Skip James in Robert Johnson. Not even he was above a little "borrowing".
  4. Spoken like a newbie. Bath 70 is considered by many, including members of the band, to be the single greatest Zeppelin show EVER. Huge English crowd, outdoor festival, they go on at sunset, one of the earliest acoustic sets, HMMT features possibly the longest medley ever played. What has Houston 77 got to compete with that? Another lethargically fingered Star Spangled Banner? Rock and Roll with the horrid vocoder? :rolleyes: So I say again . . . FUCK 1977. WHERE'S BATH 70? edited to add: it's only the show the friggin' masthead comes from, fer fek's sake!
  5. American Idol infected television with the suckiness virus. A genie offers to make your wildest dreams come true and asks you to pick three celebrities, one to have a passionate affair with, one to marry, and one to have beaten by clowns. Which do you choose for each?
  6. MS1

    G.O.A.T. game

    Madonna. Greatest instrumental of all time?
  7. And they'll only go up if you wait. I decided to wait on the Duane Allman Les Paul . . . and now you can't get one for less than 10K. Good to see you round the place, Ev!
  8. I'm against a dramatization. Not that I wouldn't watch such a thing, but what are the chances it'll be any better than any other rock biopic? Pretty mediocre genre. I think the chances that it would be a HOTG-esque piece of shit are depressingly high. If, on the other hand, Martin Scorcese wanted to do a "No Direction Home" style documentary about Zeppelin, I'd say yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!!
  9. MS1

    "I believe......

    Original this time.
  10. Anybody mentioned yet that Zep play a similar arrangement of "Fortune Teller" to the one that appears on Raising Sand as part of their WLL medley from Osaka 9/29/71? Wonder if that's where they got the idea to do it, Robert and/or T Bone . . .
  11. I'll always have a soft spot for the Warren/Dickey lineup, which was the version of the group I saw the first four times I went to their concerts. This vid is an example of just how well Dickey and Warren played off of each other in live performance: Southbound 1995
  12. MS1

    The Sarcasm Thread

    Rednecks ruin everything! I mean really, didn't we have a march to the sea to sort this out?
  13. Kind of a silly poll. I mean, is anybody going to say Jason? Maybe by virtue of the fact that he is presently alive. But if we're inlcuding past recordings in this, it'll be a shut out.
  14. Chicken, I have more posts than you, and that doesn't feel right.

    Get to work!!!! ;-)

  15. Are we avoiding Zep? I want to way in for Led Zeppelin Live by Luis Reyes. That book guided me in my bootleg collecting mania and helped turn me from a fan to a lunatic fan.
  16. I've followed the band since the 80's, and I think the chances are pretty good. Their comments have all been non-commital, and so yes, this is all much ado about nothing . . . for now. While remaining non-commital, they certainly aren't going out of their way to rule it out, are they?
  17. If you want to know, follow the link in my sig.
  18. Fuck 1977!!!! Where is Bath 1970? Now that's the question!
  19. MS1

    Happy New Year.

    I knew I should have put that smiley at the end. So didn't mean it that way. I'd attest to your maturity level any time. In fact, I'd say it's higher than my own.
  20. MS1

    "I believe......

    I believe that the greatest book left behind by the creator is not any book written by the hand of man but the book of the world. I believe that real wisdom can be achieved by communing with the natural rhythms of the world. I believe that wisdom can be gained by listening to men, but the idea that wisdom can only come from one race, creed, or religion is folly. I believe that wisdom is wisdom, and cannot hold to any allegiance. I believe that in life we have a simple choice between being negative and being positive and that wisdom teaches us which is which, something that is not always clear. And I believe that there is something within us that doesn't die, even if we ourselves do- and that something grows with positivity and shrinks with negativity.
  21. I was at that show! One of four Page/Plant shows I saw which are certainly in my top 10.
  22. MS1

    Happy New Year.

    Depends on what you're repeating. Spats has been nothing but repetitive since he's been here. Do you think he's gotten any wiser? If your behaviour has eliminated finding someone already registered here, I suppose you'll have to.
  23. MS1

    G.O.A.T. game

    I'll say the Three Musketeers. Greatest Author of All Time?
  24. MS1

    Happy New Year.

    Doesn't it bear repeating? Besides, I know if I were the one declaring my own maturity, I'd be happy to have someone who wasn't me to agree.
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