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  1. Don't let the alleged rape in Sweden fool you, it's the USA that wants to extradite him after the Sweden case. That's what he's really fighting. The United States is built on lies and deception as well as rewards it. Kids could do a better job in Congress.
  2. ^^^^Our first macro photo on this thread. Nice shot.
  3. http://archive.org/details/gd1982-08-07.fob.unknown.suraci.83513.sbeok.flac16 Set 1 The Music Never Stopped -> Sugaree -> The Music Never Stopped Me And My Uncle -> Big River It Must Have Been The Roses C C Rider Ramble On Rose Beat It On Down The Line -> OnThe Road Again Althea Let It Grow Set 2 China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider -> Man Smart (Woman Smarter) Ship Of Fools Playing In The Band -> Drums -> Space -> The Wheel -> Playing In The Band -> Morning Dew -> One More Saturday Night Encore U.S. Blues
  4. Far From Me-Grateful Dead
  5. Google cutecut tumblr.....there are some very artistic shots on there, and then again, there is straight up....... you'll see. It's not advised to use your work computer for that site.
  6. Bingo

    Sky Watch

    The Mars Mission Curiosity is a success!!!! NASA had a cool "live" program that simulated the mission/landing. I was able to move the rover and it's relationship to the stars. I took these screen shots as it was happening live. What a trip that was!!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/78764955@N06/
  7. Bingo

    Sky Watch

    http://www.stellarium.org/ A very cool program to download.
  8. British. LSD or Mushrooms?
  9. Wow...that is some great lighting.
  10. I think I'm like the water fountain in the background, if I stare at that photo any longer, I'm going to spring a leak! lol
  11. One year old yelling at the ponies she bet on.
  12. Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2012
  13. For Your Life---Some British group, I forget their name.
  14. We Love You- Rolling Stones
  15. Thanks zep.....a few more from Giants Stadium. I like this series, the first photo you can see the ball coming in on the upper right hand corner....
  16. Some shots I took from the past few years:
  17. Go Big Blue....season tickets have been in my family since the 60's. I had three, trimmed it to two after that bullshit PSL deal.
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