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  1. Inwood section of Manhattan
  2. http://archive.org/details/gd1977-04-23.mtx.seamons.97596.sbeok.flac16 Grateful Dead April 23, 1977 Springfield MA. Set 1 Sugaree Cassidy Loser New Minglewood Blues Ramble On Rose Me And My Uncle Row Jimmy It's All Over Now Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain Set 2 Estimated Prophet Bertha The Music Never Stopped Help On The Way -> Slipknot! -> Franklin's Tower -> Around And Around -> Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad -> Not Fade Away Encore One More Saturday Night
  3. It's not sold out....public on sale is manana, and there are plenty of expensive seats left.
  4. I love The Stones, they're a better studio band then a live band. The last tour pretty much sucked, Keith plays less and less while Blondie plays more and more guitar. Compare the playing in 2007 between Keith and Jimmy and Jimmy is light years ahead of him. They have a set of balls charging $800 for back of the arena seats.
  5. I went to youtube and searched for JB"s LZ experience.....they seem pretty damn good. I'll probably go see them in Port Chester on Nov 14th.
  6. Congrats San Francisco Giants
  7. Two sites every Deadhead or inquiring Deadheads should know about. 1) http://archive.org/b...Dead&field=year Pick a year and they have almost every live show as well as studio rehearsals if they were in the studio that particular year. 2) Youtube channel Voodoonola2 He has a lot of shows on video. Bootleg video with soundboard audio. Led Zeppelin and The Grateful Dead, my two favourite bands. I love how both bands did acoustic sets mixed in with electric (The Dead had their periods mixing in the acoustic.) Jerry and Jimmy rule!
  8. I saw it in Yonkers, the volume was low, we had to get the manager and have him tell the sound man to turn it up. He cranked it and all was well. Really nice seeing and hearing it on the big screen. The only bad part is......I'm ready to go on tour. Instead, the fckn Stones are touring. C'mon Zep, get out there and kick some ass all around the world.
  9. This thread is more disturbing than the romney/ryan ticket.
  10. Bingo

    2012 NFL Thread

    Oki doki, I just pop in here and there on this thread. While I'm here, nice win for the Giants yesterday.
  11. Bingo

    2012 NFL Thread

    David Carr is the back-up for Eli Manning.
  12. Joba can't catch a break this year.
  13. Nice Strider, I've been mashing and leaving the skins on forever. Tonight I'm cooking a meatloaf with mash and carrots. I'm from an Irish family, I have my grandmothers masher, to me it's the equivalent to having Jimmy's 59 Les Paul, or whatever year it was. That masher's been mashing potatoes since the 50's. Back then they made products to last, plus I always think of her when mashing. I'm a little obsessive when it comes to mash potatoes. Such a simple dish, yet many don't have the touch..cheers.
  14. I never thought you were giving me shit, yeah I was probably a little harsh. Sometimes I type before I think. If he's in HS, well then, he gets a pass. Now I feel bad for scolding a young buck. I'm glad there was no internet when I was in HS or college, I would have been on youtube every other day, and not for good reasons. lol I just ate a cheeseburger for breakfast, so I'm feeling a lot better. Cheers! My apologies to arcane29
  15. I live 4 miles from Yankee Stadium and grew up a mile from there. it's a matter of having class. Hell, I use to have season seats in the bleachers, we're not that classless in the bleachers, sure some friendly ribbing, but to come on here after a very tight game and type...hahahahaha is bush league in my book. I'm old school, take the win and say, "damn that was a crazy game, Raul came through big time" or whatever, but have some class. I've said my peace, I'm moving on. Walter's post above is exactly what I'm talking about. He has class. Although you don't agree with my original post.
  16. Wait, you don't participate in this thread for two days, then come on here with that shit? You have absolutely no class. Schmuck.
  17. Chavez scores the winning run?
  18. I'm happy I don't live in Texas.
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