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  1. I recently binge watched the first 2 series of The Vikings on a rainy weekend. It's not historically perfect, but it's pretty close. Certainly not for the squeamish (I walked away after one particular episode and nearly gave up) And if binge watching includes watching the first 3 episodes of Outlander about 10 times each, then i'll also include the delicious new Outlander series. I've read all 8 books by Diana Gabaldon, which is the story the tv show is based on. Absolutely loved all the books and am thoroughly enjoying the series too.
  2. And while i'm on a roll The Beib ............ finally ..... Which I thought was ............. Ok, i'll stop now
  3. This is my favourite, although I was a bit hesitant to post it .... but then I thought, if you watch GOT, you won't be stunned by the language. I didn't watch the Emmy's and have never watched a single second of Breaking Bad, nor even seen any promo's about the show. I wouldn't know any of the characters in the series if I fell over them, but I assume these guys are in it ........... Gotta love The Hound
  4. Such terribly sad news. O'Captain my Captain ..... May you rest in Peace!
  5. Hope the hangover was worth it and you had a seriously good night :zzz: Dinner tonight ..... Traditional English roast beef dinner, with soggy peas and yorkshire puds. As much as I love and usually eat various cuisines from around the world, I occasionally get back to my birth roots and love a good home cooked roast.
  6. Does anyone have a copy of The New York Times, Sunday, Aug 10, 2014, that they would be willing to post to me? (One page only) This is the picture on the back page and this is the only page of the newspaper that I want. I will re-emburse you for all postage charges. Remember it will be overseas postage, as i'm in Australia.
  7. I wasn't having a go at you or being nasty, hence the winking smiley. All is good I guess us silly, worrying parents are just that .... worrying.
  8. I travelled to the US and then over to England and the scariest part for me, was the customs officials at LA airport.
  9. As one of three parents on this forum, whose daughters are travelling overseas .......... Shush! We don't need to hear our fears reinforced.
  10. I've never heard of her, so I looked her up ..... Wish I hadn't.
  11. My daughter (Veghead) is flying out next week for 6 months of trekking around various remote areas of Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal and India. I know this will be an amazing adventure for her, but I will be so worried and scared. Why can't she choose a nice safe touristy area, instead of tribal villages accessible only by canoe ...... aarrgghhhhhh. When she boards that plane at Sydney airport, my post will be in the 'Unhappy' thread. I hope your daughter has a wonderful safe time in the States and an incredible experience at Disney.
  12. Happy Birthday Sean! I hope your day was filled with happiness and spent with people you love, lots of good food and great wine .......
  13. Not quite as bad, but yeah, you get the idea. All good now though
  14. I don't want to talk about it, but it's sure gurgling noisily away in my tummy. Meanwhile, i'm waiting for what I think will be the inevitable
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