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  1. Left this forum for an undetermined period

  2. Tired of being sorry (English/French), live @ Parc de Saint Cloud 2008. Ultra cheesy and absolutely not fit for a LZ forum! Lol!
  3. What should I say? Miss Dior is indeed unforgettable, of course, and sarcastic bear is not always funny. Je suis sincèrement désolé RoZ...
  4. Not quite sure which thread you are talking about nor who you are but hijacking & misbehaving ladies are an issue I can deal with, LOL!!
  5. Relax. Take it easy (MIkA) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVmG_d3HKBA
  6. ^ Nickelback I meant... sorry, just a very recent fan! Lol!
  7. Something in your mouth. Nickeldime. http://youtu.be/Lth7n33RYnw
  8. I live in Tokyo and can vouch that I never met this lady MLE. Since it is such a small village here and everybody know everybody, her words ring true. Not that anyone should care anyway, as rightly mentioned.
  9. ^ah ah, indeed PoP, I didn't notice at first, sorry. this potted plant is really great: "The foliage is bruised or squeezed gently between the finger and the thumb to really bring forth the true scent or essence". OK, I stop it here cause I don't want any of us to be banned for vegetal pornography! and i need my now. Au revoir!
  10. I'm not the kind of guy who likes to get into ladies' conversation, but I thought you may be interested there's is in fact an "Eau de cologne Plant", which, according to this website, has "so many uses and smells amazing". But personnally i am faithfull to Drakkar Noir since the tender age of 16, so will not want to try it. Have fun ladies! http://www.victoriananursery.co.uk/Eau_De_Cologne_Plant/
  11. I never believed this story. The Devil would have been too afraid of dealing with those guys!
  12. Thanks MLE but to be honest, I like it for reasons which have certainly nothing to do with your intended meeting. M and L are two initials I care deeply about. E is for the French "Ensemble" (together). Happy to know you like French Perfums though! We need to increase exports, French trade balance is always in a deficit.
  13. Very interesting thread, thanks to all the posters, notably Sagittarius for the Mint Julep receipe (and Pop, yes I remember your Sazerac too!). Chicago bartender seems a highly dangerous job though.
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