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  1. Left this forum for an undetermined period

  2. Tired of being sorry (English/French), live @ Parc de Saint Cloud 2008. Ultra cheesy and absolutely not fit for a LZ forum! Lol!
  3. Relax. Take it easy (MIkA) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVmG_d3HKBA
  4. ^ Nickelback I meant... sorry, just a very recent fan! Lol!
  5. Something in your mouth. Nickeldime. http://youtu.be/Lth7n33RYnw
  6. I never believed this story. The Devil would have been too afraid of dealing with those guys!
  7. Very interesting thread, thanks to all the posters, notably Sagittarius for the Mint Julep receipe (and Pop, yes I remember your Sazerac too!). Chicago bartender seems a highly dangerous job though.
  8. a wake-up call, but don't get me started on that, LOL!
  9. Wow! Talk about testing promoters to make sure they read the contracts! very funny and interesting, thanks for the DLR video SAJ.
  10. The version I wrote for the only eyes of my Queen
  11. Rebel Rebel - David Bowie Button your dress, Your face is a mess...
  12. You don't want to know and I can't tell anyway
  13. Anjin-San, sorry if my question sounds rude (it's not meant to be) but how many hours a day do you spend on the net to find all those pics? By the way congratulations, indeed you have great taste and thanks for sharing.
  14. You don't really want to know and I can't tell anyway.
  15. ...Maybe moving to Celine Dion and her fan club
  16. I was un-happy today as I found out that, although I tried, I can't stop spending way too much time on LedZep in general and this forum in particular. It's too addictive and un-healthy. I need some kind of rehab.
  17. The Stairway is in your heart, the top of the Misty Mountain is right here under your foot, and the Bridge is... I don't know where

  18. Nice t-shirt! But IMHO nothing could beat Robert's "Nurses Do It Better" one.
  19. OK, if PB said it then it must be true! Seriously, I am nearly tone-deaf, don't know why I dared to wander on this thread. So the logical conclusion of all this is that the Tragically Hip were the ones borrowing from Jimmy, but it was from NFBM? Thank you SAJ and PB, I learnt something today, also the fact that there is a band on earth with such a tragically dumb name
  20. ^ with all due respect, no, I don't hear any obvious similarity (but a more musically-trained ear could, probably)
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