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  1. I always find successful musicians that go on about the road and the work beyond laughable. You soundcheck or you create music or you soak up the admiration of thousands of fans in exchange for some time away from your family. There are many ordinary people that get paid very little and make equal sacrifices just to keep body and soul together and a roof over their heads they may do that for their working lives. Silently .
  2. Like every other interview he does he only raises Zeppelin to highlight some other project he is working on .On this occasion it's the singles box set . His comments ref Stairway are no surprise and are there to guarantee a headline or strap for the article in this case "Plant will never perform Stairway again because he can't relate to it" This is his only interest in his part of the Zeppelin legacy sadly.
  3. Diary 10th dec 2007 " this is it, if this goes well tonight its a world tour lasting a year .Now i have the old crew back together how could they refuse? MSG here we come!
  4. He has led (that is no pun) a very interesting life and his orbit has included most of the people one considers important in late 20th century culture. The shame is, he is guarded on almost every subject, as if the air of mystery that was purposely set up around Zeppelin at their height is still relevant today. Ref the poetry quite interesting but would we even be discussing it if not for the JP connection? Secondly, how much better would it have been with some drone ,feedback/electronics by JP behind it. No problem selling it then.
  5. Much as i love Jimmy this is beyond sad I can't explain how depressed it makes me feel to go from the 50th hype to selling a recreation of a mythical amp/guitar set up ,and with no intention of playing it .I have lost count of how many photo's of Page there are, just holding a guitar.
  6. Well it will be completely dependent on Jimmy being interested enough and RP allowing it to happen .Frankly considering the current state of play in the Zeppelin camp i would not hold my breath in expectation. The P&P project has been consigned to the history bin as far as RP is concerned, along with anything not solo orientated. A pity as there is a good album under Steve Albini's over Pixied production. (another plant choice the man has cloth ears production wise)
  7. At the time was not considered a turd .I remember the excitement leading up to the broadcast and the thought that JP AND RP were going to play together again. its an honest document of that period and the first release from any combination of the surviving members for over a decade. It also rehabilitated James P as a guitar player and led to the Clarksdale lp Which could do with an overhaul more, frankly, as its good material let down by poor production. So sorry no turd.
  8. your response, to quote Bonzo is "over the top" !
  9. Terrible and just goes to show how important the surviving bandmembers consider the anniversary to be.Same thing with the half hearted photo of them with the book. While we are on the subject of the book the miserly amount of comment and the need to flick from rear to front to access it has to be one of the worst pieces of design ever ? Or is it just me.
  10. The battle lines here sum up the sad state of Britain today. A fat useless vulgarian called Robbie who earned way too much money for crap, but who is a household name ,versus a genteel elderly ex fine arts student and part time guitarist called Jimmy, who is increasingly not a household name . Guess who wins in court ? In a previous time the value of the house as a national treasure plus the cast iron planning regulations would have insured this didn't get past first base. Today Williams could probably turn up in court stark bollock naked and not earn a reprimand The phrase gone to the dogs comes to mind!!
  11. Aha! he is reforming the band as him and the book .From now on he will only share the stage with photo's of the other two.
  12. Guilt yes, he more or less had given up on Zeppelin and Bonham by 1980 Bonham must have been a nightmare at this point to deal with so you move on and protect yourself Then the inevitable happens ,you are now free to pursue a solo career ,but the guilt, could you have helped ? Would he still be here ? dogs you forever. (and yes i speak from personal experience of this situation)
  13. Pant doesn't understand that when he shares a stage with JP and JPJ some magic alchemy occurs .Do what he likes, fool himself if he wants to , it doesn't occur with anybody else he plays with. He knows this deep down it annoys him on a profound level.He is a stubborn proud man so he invents reasons for not reforming the band. Zeppelin now is a necessary evil in his career but given the barest of respect and time within it.
  14. Sad but true, i suspect the book was it . The zero promotion and interest the other two showed in it, tells you all you need to know about the current state of play in the Zep camp. A great pity when you consider what other bands have done around their fiftieth ( for one recording!!!) anniversary .
  15. He usually trots out "i am not that man anymore " "we couldn't do it justice " "show some respect for John's memory " "that was then, if you want nostalgia listen to the records" In reality i feel he views Led Zeppelin as a necessary evil that alllowed him to advance this far with his career. He has no intention of going back. As far as the o2 is concerned check his body language at the encore something changed (was something said about doing it again) that made him completely against any mention of a reformation. That continues today. Alternately it's just ego ."Iam bigger than that band can't you all see it?"
  16. I agree not nobody, but enough people , to not have the sale volumes these projects require. Look at the careful way the Beatles back catalogue is handled .As a result every release sells. Through a collective band ennui and bad decisions (trsts, the book with hardly any commentary too many interviews that say nothing) the head of steam built up since dvd and the o2 is being squandered. My 2 cents only .
  17. James wants to be very careful with his legacy. Like that girl in class who was the ultimate hold out by the time she was ready nobody was interested anymore. Page is overconfident of his brand, clock ticking, customer base ageing Pretty soon nobody buying.
  18. For once Mr Jones i wholeheartedly agree .It's done and frankly i think they barely managed the book. At this point i doubt anything else will occur release wise either .
  19. Did anyone else catch Plant's "the only reunion will be in a chip shop" comment followed by "we get on allright but you know...." So i really don't think he is at all bothered or interested in the 50th and judging by the silence neither is JPJ.
  20. Thanks same to you . World peace breaks out, all conflict ceases, this punter wanders off humming " if your going to san fran..." Till next time.. 😉
  21. Collins english dictionary -melodramatic meaning-- theatrical, actorly, extravagant, histrionic, sensational it follows then that i am the physical embodiment of Zeppelin 😂
  22. Book available from JP.com for £49.50 includes poster and a cool leather bookmark with the Zoso emblem embossed Quite nice .
  23. Love the way that some members take the high moral stance on what they consider important .For me on this board its Zep. It's important to me ,in this setting at this time If you want to debate world poverty and the morality of food banks in a supposedly first world country (U.K.) we need to meet on a different board maybe . Ok?
  24. Hear hear, it always amuses me that the constant questioning is so irritating to the surviving member(s) ... until there is new product to sell!
  25. just saying, thanks for the heads up but you would think 50 years might create a show of solidarity?
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