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  1. Django Reinhardt vanessa mae or nigel kennedy
  2. all perverted marx , like faith has been perverted by religious organisations
  3. “Patience – A minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue.” ― Ambrose Bierce
  4. Saturday 30th November 2013 Close BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE Show last 5 matches and coverage Fixture Kick-off Status Show Aston Villa 2 v 0 Sunderland 15:00 Show Cardiff 1 v 0 Arsenal 15:00 Show Everton 2 v 0 Stoke 15:00 Show Norwich 1 v 1 Crystal Palace 15:00 Show West Ham 2 v 1 Fulham 15:00 Show Newcastle 2 v 0 West Brom 17:30 Sunday 1st December 2013 Close BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE Show last 5 matches and coverage Fixture Kick-off Status Show Tottenham 0 v 6 Man Utd 12:00 Show Hull 2 v 1 Liverpool 14:05 Show Chelsea 1 v 2 Southampton 16
  5. The Monty Python stage show has been extended from one date to five, running from 1 to 5 July at London's O2 Arena. The first show sold out within 43.5 seconds, organisers announced. The other four shows then sold out within 55 minutes. There were 14,500 tickets up for grabs for each show. Eric Idle said: "It's totally amazing. I don't think we realised quite how much Python is loved round the world. We look forward to paying off Terry Jones' mortgage soon." Last week it was announced that John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, Terry Jones and Idle were to reunite and perform together.
  6. SECONDS: I heard you once auditioned for the Rolling Stones GALLAGHER: I didn't audition. I was a session man with them in Holland for a few days. Mick Taylor had just left, and Jeff Beck was there, too. There was no audition as such; I just sat down and joined some of the songs I was involved in. http://www.rorygallagher.com/#/archives/interviews/rory_gallagher_king_of_the_blooze
  7. Lord Grantham brown sugar or tumblin dice
  8. What if Rory Gallager joined the Stones? there is tape somewhere of rory's rehearsal with the stones in the vaults
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