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    legendary rock guitarists(ARMS concert '84 was like I died and gone to heaven)
    beer and the making of
    currently pursuing variations on Page's stairway solo, preferably the longer ones - '73/'75?

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  1. riffsofpage

    The Firm Thread

    The Firm - Edinburgh 5 20 85 Soundboard I'm impressed with the recording and performance. How can I get a hold of this one as above?
  2. riffsofpage

    Robert's peak or prime?

    Honestly, after Pictures at Eleven, RP's solo career has been completely downhill and the stuff that he does today is completely distasteful. I'm sorry, but he is no composer. iMO
  3. riffsofpage

    The Firm Thread

    Thanks Zep Head Liked the prelude variation on a theme no lights edit: interesting fake news too - ;-)
  4. agree I think it was a great performance and memorable given that it was their first reunion in ?5 years, and no rehersal. I too have a distasteful memory of the mtv dj's though -lol
  5. riffsofpage

    Outrider coolness

    I would love to get my hands on an Outrider soundboard love prelude and Chopin too -lol
  6. riffsofpage

    What is the most underrated Led Zeppelin song?

    Since this question can be interpreted in so many ways I'm gonna stretch the interpretation further: Without a doubt, all of the Firm, Outrider, and Plant's first solo album deserved much MUCH more attention/appreciation. Otherwise, by the rules, acoustic stuff from III, and a lot of Presence - I guess
  7. riffsofpage

    The Firm Thread

    I must be the only one who thinks "Live in Peace" is nearly as great as "Stairway to heaven"
  8. riffsofpage


    Carous... Love the song, one of my favorites. Similar to Achilles IMO I used to fast forward over Hot Dog every time for years - only to finally appreciate it more a decade or so later after I was exposed to more rockabilly.
  9. riffsofpage

    Am I the only one who hates Jimmy's noise solos?

    His innovation: theramin and the bow, beyond his utterly unique style of playing which stands on its own as one of the greatest of all time. Innovation in other circles is laughable: Pete Townshend smashing the guitar or Hendrix playing with his teeth. Noise is often confused with something simply foreign or new to the ears.- easily re-defined over time to music or genius I just wish he had a special guitar to lay the bow - maybe one with a curved stage so he could single out certain notes better ;-)
  10. riffsofpage

    Am I the only one who hates Jimmy's noise solos?

    I don't know who coined the term "noise solo" JP is a brilliant artist on many different levels. If you need more convincing, then, I don't know, check his bank account?
  11. riffsofpage

    OH NO!

    I miss cassette tapes
  12. riffsofpage

    Deluxe editions etc

    I can't believe that post-Zeppelin JP, with all his experience, wouldn't record each show and save experimental material.
  13. riffsofpage

    Favorite instrumentals on companion discs

    I would have ***really*** liked an instrumental acoustic version of "Babe I'm gonna Leave You"
  14. riffsofpage

    Deluxe editions etc

    Demand or $ speaks usually. I'm hoping he will build on from the"Soundtracks" release
  15. riffsofpage

    The Firm Thread

    Yes, you are absolutely right(2 years later -lol): Superstars Rock Concert Series Westwood One Great idea with marketing this material!