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    legendary rock guitarists(ARMS concert '84 was like I died and gone to heaven)
    beer and the making of
    currently pursuing variations on Page's stairway solo, preferably the longer ones - '73/'75?

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  1. The Firm - Edinburgh 5 20 85 Soundboard I'm impressed with the recording and performance. How can I get a hold of this one as above?
  2. Honestly, after Pictures at Eleven, RP's solo career has been completely downhill and the stuff that he does today is completely distasteful. I'm sorry, but he is no composer. iMO
  3. Thanks Zep Head Liked the prelude variation on a theme no lights edit: interesting fake news too - ;-)
  4. agree I think it was a great performance and memorable given that it was their first reunion in ?5 years, and no rehersal. I too have a distasteful memory of the mtv dj's though -lol
  5. I would love to get my hands on an Outrider soundboard love prelude and Chopin too -lol
  6. Since this question can be interpreted in so many ways I'm gonna stretch the interpretation further: Without a doubt, all of the Firm, Outrider, and Plant's first solo album deserved much MUCH more attention/appreciation. Otherwise, by the rules, acoustic stuff from III, and a lot of Presence - I guess
  7. I must be the only one who thinks "Live in Peace" is nearly as great as "Stairway to heaven"
  8. I would have ***really*** liked an instrumental acoustic version of "Babe I'm gonna Leave You"
  9. Yes, you are absolutely right(2 years later -lol): Superstars Rock Concert Series Westwood One Great idea with marketing this material!
  10. I'm agreeing with you ZepHead I'm gonna crawl is right up there, carouselambra, FITR, ITE, AML, Tea for One - all hits IMO ITOD and Presence are my favorite albums, no question.
  11. PF Shine on You Crazy Diamond Can't get enough, wish there was more than WYWHere, DSOtMoon, TWall, Animals, and Fin Cut.
  12. Sort of a tough question. Depends how you define best. He's my favorite guitarist and I guess IMO the best(poll). IOWFE, If your definition of best includes "the cleanest string striker/player" then he would likley fall out.
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