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  1. If I were to pick any concert throughout history to attend, this may be the one.
  2. Am I the only one curious why Thank You from the last night has never shown up in any form? Do we think it was even recorded?
  3. Isnt that another show where the crowd was a PIA too?
  4. I mean if you're in the mood haha. You don't have to do a huge write up just because I mentioned a show.
  5. Maybe I'm wrong but isnt Chicago's reputation due more to Plant than Page? I remember thinking he played nicely then. From what I've heard, Jimmy's worst 73 show is Southampton.
  6. agree on both Stairway and What Is and What Should Never Be however, with Stairway, its because the studio rendition is so immaculate with that guitar solo. Also, Plant could very rarely do the final verse justice after 1973. For What is, the studio version to me just has a "vibe" none of the live renditions have All IMHO
  7. Baltimore definitely. If that were to come out I think it would become one of the more respected shows from that era.
  8. I agree to a certain extent. Yeah the setlist is the same every night and there aren't many surprises, but what I like about 75 is how they make each show sound unique regardless (IMO). It's because of the jams each night on songs like No Quarter, DnC, and the funk section of WLL. They truely sound "free" in some moments. Its the 77 tour where they really start to sound monotonous. Now, admittedly, I've listened to much more of 75 than 77 but there I think all the shows blend together. They way I've often thought about it was...once you've heard Listen to this Eddie (or whatever your one favor
  9. So now that this is the "real" soundboard does this confirm the theory that the old source (the one with Bonham way up in the mix) is some kind of (most likely low quality) copy of the multitrack? That's a popular theory on another forum
  10. Said it on another thread about this show, but the Stoke show a week earlier is much better and is also in really good sound quality. Tend to agree with you on the sound of HTWWW. Was my favorite album for a long time but now I find it hard to listen to. Too compressed, hard to hear Jones, very little crowd noise for being a live show.
  11. The Stoke show from a week earlier is much better even though its incomplete. Real good recording too.
  12. All i argued was that its not fair to argue that Jimmy was definitively better in Montreal was a better show than 2/12, etc. because of the differences in recording. That's regarding technical proficiency. If you want to talk general mood and everything, thats a diff. story because you don't need a pristine source to determine that. I really fail to see whats so controversial about this. Never once did I say that soundboards are more 'true' representations of the band! If you want my honest opinion I PREFER good 75 aud recordings! They give Jimmys tone an edge that just doesnt come through on
  13. Sure but was that the point I was making? Jesus. I was talking about comparing some shows to others, not whether the shows were enjoyable in general. What I was saying was that I find it mysterious that we have these sets of aud only dates (like this and first MSG, haven't heard Philly) where Jimmy seems to be 73-esque and then we hear other board tapes just a few days later where he isn't so. I just find it fishy. Only point I'm making is that comparing a show like these to something like 2/12 or 3/19 is that it isn't an even playing field. Jimmy's probably going to sound much better on the a
  14. Well the point im trying to make is that it might not be fair to compare this to, say, Landover. An aud recording will def mask mistakes. Shows like Landover dont get that advantage.
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