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  1. its ok, heard zep 2 scrapping bottom of the barrel though
  2. shite, no-one tell chuck berry, he'd have a field day with j b goode
  3. Happy birthday Paul.....................regards from the Netherlands, rock it!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!

  5. .., im a big a fan of this band as anyone, but i find this a dreadful film, was very happy when the dvd was released so that imho, concert footage of good quality was made available.don't think ive ever endured the whole film without turning it off or loosing the will to live.
  6. may i suggest an album: mingus ah um, by charles mingus...you maybe able to listen to it without purchasing on spotilfy.
  7. i used to idolise the beatles, cant listen to them anymore, find that their music sounds very dated and hasnt aged too well.
  8. hello,

    greetings from england, memories of nov 10 2007 will stay with me forever. take it easy,


  9. Saw you looked at my profile....how are ya doin? hope you do fine,....I am just enjoying a nice absinthe at the end of a real hot spring day.

    Greets from Holland!

  10. Presence is an Under-rated album, but not in my Book. Please look out for the DVD named "Past-Present- & Future", it really is a Diamond. All the best, Hang-man -
  11. who gives a shit ?? its a good song, infact the older i get, the more i'm convinced it's one the the best pieces of a guitar/bass/drum set up by anyone. if any other band had written a song half as good as this, including queen, they would of made a mess of their pants. this song shows zep really spreading their wings i9n the latter half of their career, this piece is as deep as a chopin nocturne or a bach fugue.
  12. ...i find the lyrics to this song, like a few off the last couple of albums, very dark and foreboding. whatever the song is about, it's almost like an ominous warning. an excellent song that stands up against any of their best. great middle section, then the band return for another verse and chorus. great bass drum work by bonzon before the page's guitar lick at the end, and a hint of plant's love of eastern singing during a great fade out chase. i remeber the first time i heard this song, still one of my top zep tunes.
  13. ....and the kneboworth version isn't too bad, either ! for me, the best song played live ever by the band imho.
  14. for me, ALS used to be a good song, in the last few years, imho, now i realise, (with the aid of a good quality playback system), the song in a masterpiece. the song, being so long, always grips me, and i dont find it indulgent, the phaser guitar parts always seem to climb, the solo (im my opinion) is possibly the best electric guitar solo of all time, the six verses are always rivetting, the added guitar refrains jsut add to it, the "mightly arms of atlas...hold the heaven from the earth" refrain, which occurs twice, is slightly different the 2nd time round, the second time there is yet another phaser guitar effect which adds to the constant yearning and relentless climbing i find in the song. i've realised that there are many many parts to this song, should you not be to fond of the song, may i suggest you play the song on a good stereo system or a good set of headphones, very loudly... the song is massive, add the various odd time signatures, the vari speed, the production and you have zeppelin at their most untouchable. bands have had multi platinum careers by picking off this carcass that is ALS
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