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  1. Metta

    2020 NFL Thread

    Hahahahahaha!! 😅😅 The mental midget strikes again and dooms an entire organization for another decade. Way to go pRickster. I was almost rooting for those miserable buffalo buffoons but with your record of life as a perennial loser ruins everything for so many. Shameful.
  2. Dropped a giant Deuce today..... and as i finished up and turned to watch the toilet struggle to choke down a massive turd i thought to myself.... Hmmm wonder what pRicky's up to same old same old anyways Enjoy the Superbowl
  3. Metta

    2017 NFL Thread

    pRicky your team sucks...your franchise sucks (and never belonged in the NFL ) , and take solace that though your quarterback sucks ...he can now get back to his real full time job at Jiffy Lube...if anyone in that shithole of an organisation had any sense at all they would be on their way to Vegas instead of the Raiders and get the F out of that hell hole known as Buffalo... that being said every single AFC team that played this weekend is horrifically bad....Much like most of the NFL this year, but cheer up prickster....your Bills were only the second shittiest behind a pathetic Tennesse
  4. Metta

    2017 NFL Thread

  5. Metta

    2017 NFL Thread

    pretty much....let's see what that steaming pile of excrement you call of a football team can do this week and congrats for almost making the playoffs for the first time this millennium
  6. Metta

    2017 NFL Thread

    hard to say pRicky....since the team has perennially sucked since league inception "worst" is clearly a relative term....can't wait for your profoundly banal future insight on things....til then....enjoy last place
  7. well look what you people have done to the place...it's a disgrace
  8. stevie boy......ya ever get your book from strawman?
  9. Thanks for the reminder my friend.......77 Amasian dugout photos aside...we all need a little reminder sometimes...lest we get a bit too big for our britches..
  10. can't wait to hear your predicktions.......
  11. Metta

    2017 NFL Thread

    i simply don't know if i can handle the Patriots dominating the NFL for yet ANOTHER season of 14+ wins and probable Superbowl while poor pRicky and the Buffalo Bills roil through another year among the league's sewage....
  12. Metta

    2016 NFL Thread

    How much does it suck to be Atlanta right now... that N pRicky "the kiss of death" McShortness......
  13. Metta

    2016 NFL Thread

    just when i was about to send the pRickster a teeny tiny Atlanta Falcom pennant to hang on his wall of winners....... this happens......
  14. Metta

    2016 NFL Thread

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAH...what an F'n moron.... pRickys kiss of death....i love it
  15. you really do put the 'special' in 'special needs'...i suggest you seek professional help right after you run outside on zipperhead island and spot "ze plane!....ze plane!!"
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