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  1. Yes I lived with you I could not stand it, I am not posting any more replies to your insulting e mails, I bath every evening and every night so mind your fucking business your sickio JUST LEAVE ME ALONE.
  2. desirezep

    The pub

    I need a drink, hopefully soon it will be a celebration drink Champange,would be nice..
  3. A picture from the seventies I take it. mine for your information was exactly two years ago, nothing changed except much better skin owing to the expensive skincare products I sell, and much longer hair. and I have this picture somewhere,amongst my possessions,yes you said you were in your 20 s, you do not have a recent one then, because they would be interesting to see. see yaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Patrick e mail me later loads to tell you Pauline.

  5. I have added you Mojo,thanks for that. hope your well.

  6. Another rainey day , bought a new brolli today>
  7. mojo thanks added you as a friend.

  9. what did?????? the fact of being busy at work. or what?????
  10. Been rushed off my feet in work all day, did make overs, sold skincare and make up christmas sets, and sold aftershave to this cute guy, and he asked me out, I had to say No because I don t have anytime, even for a social life,never mind, he may come back LOL he looked like he might.
  11. thank you so much I would love to be your friend, that is kind.pauline

  12. I would not add you as a friend, I think your rude.

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