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  1. Good news, hope for the whole show to break through)
  2. Hmm, interesting when it could pop-up at the Dime?..
  3. Your wish list is great! Hope it will be so!)
  4. Yes, looks like it will be released quite soon:
  5. Thought about the same couple of weeks ago. With the current evolution of technologies and soft very likely computer will be able to recreate +/- normal (=soundboard) sound of audience tapes using studio and other live recording as a basis.
  6. Led Zeppelin - Past, Present And Future, Knebworth 1979 - 1st show
  7. Very good news! Hope it will be released as soon as possible!
  8. Oh, most likely you are right. The full SB could show up closer to 50th anniversary I suppose.
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